The Best Place To Go Wakeboarding - According To Wakeboarders

The Best Place To Go Wakeboarding - According To Wakeboarders

Wakeboarding is an extreme sport that attracts a lot of people every season from beginners to professionals. Therefore, if you crave adventure, are not afraid of risk, and want extreme recreation, then this sport is just for you. All you need is a strong spirit, strong body and strong will and you will become the best wakeboarder in the world.

Stunning Fall Drives- Acadia National Park Park Loop Drive

I recently visited Acadia National Park in Maine. On day one of our journey, we decided to drive the 27 mile “park loop where you can stop and see the main park destinations such as Jordan Pond, Cadillac Mountain and Sand Beach.

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Stunning is an understatement. The foliage, turquoise waters and unforgettable views made the 9 hour drive from NYC worth it. It is a trip I will never forget and can’t wait to visit again someday. Don’t forget to stop for “popovers” at Jordan Pond!

3 of the best in America: Missouri's Table Rock Lake, Lake Powell, Colorado River

America is home to some of the best wakeboarding destinations and lake in this world. Every wakeboard lover can take part in this activity throughout the year as there are so many lakes in the country.

The first destination would be Missouri's Table Rock Lake. It is the most visited lake that is famous for water sports and fishing. They also have been conducting MasterCraft Pro Wakeboarding Competition for many years now.

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The second location would be Lake Powell which is situated between Arizona and Utah. It is a 190-mile long lake that is considered to be the second-largest man-made lake in the country. Although it is a very popular destination, you will not feel overcrowded due to the vastness of the lake.

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Lastly, the Colorado River cannot be missed. It is one of the most popular water sports-related destination where yearly annual boat races take place.

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Goa, India

Goa is the ideal destination for most water sport related activities in India and wakeboarding is no different. The Vaayu Watermans Village in Mandrem, North Goa in specific is a great place to take up wakeboarding if you are someone who is just starting out.

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Lake Bled in Slovenia

As an adventurer, I have been on different ski areas as part of my skiing experience. On my visits, I found good and bad in every run, local spots and parts of the mountains. Every ski resort is unique and fun to visit; however, someplace are more impressive than others. One such place is of Lake Bled in Slovenia.

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This lake is in the Julian Alps in the northwest of Slovenia. The castle is only accessible by boat and has a massive staircase that leads directly from water to the front door. This island is perfect for a giant wake surf loop. If you ever make your mind to wake surf, consider Lake Bled as one of your top priorities.

I am an avid outdoorsman from Austin, TX. Experienced at kayaking, mountain biking, tent and RV camping, fishing, archery, cycling, and survival in the wilderness.

Possum Kingdom Lake in Graford, TX

The world's best place for wakeboarding is Possum Kingdom Lake in Graford, TX. Possum Kingdom (PK) is one of Texas’ best-kept secrets, lined with beautiful rock cliffs.

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The cliff lines provide glassy water for miles, setting up the perfect wakeboard session for any level wakeboarder. Wake up early and enjoy the epic sunrises over the cliff lines, then stay out late to soak in an unforgettable Texas sunset. When you’re finished wakeboarding, take a cruise through Hells Gate and drop an anchor to hang out in Possum Kingdom's famous cove. Nestled in the heart of Texas, there's truly no better scenery than Possum Kingdom for a solid wakeboarding session.

Courtney Wagley is the Director of Marketing at Tige Boats, a wakeboard/wakesurf boat manufacturer built in Abilene, TX, a short 1 hour drive from Possum Kingdom Lake. Courtney is an avid boater and frequent visitor to Possum Kingdom.

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