The Top 5 Longboarding Maneuvers

Introduction - Main longboard maneuvers

Hey guys! Today I'm going to write about 5 longboard maneuvers for you. It will be a list of the most used longboard maneuvers, some simpler and others much more complex and that require a longer training time.

Longboard maneuvers are not always common to all modes, so the first thing to decide is: which mode do I want to follow? To help you, if you haven't decided yet, I made a post here that can help you. In it I explain better the difference between carving, freeride, slalom and downhill.

With the decision made, let's go to the longboard‌ maneuvers that I decided to talk about today:

1) Slide:

After learning the basics of longboarding you will probably want to learn how to make a slide. Slide is a maneuver that basically consists of pulling its shape so that the wheels slide on the asphalt.

The slide is the most popular maneuver on the longboard. It can be done in two main ways: the frontside and the backside slide. The difference between one and the other is the way you perform the slide. If you do it from the front, it's the frontside. The backside is the backside.

Some important points that will help you when trying to make the slide:

  • Drop your trucks. If your truks are too tight, you won't be able to make your slide as easily;
  • Go faster. It can be scary, but the faster you go, the easier it will be to slide with the long one;
  • Find the right place. A good descent, steep at the right point, will help you get more speed, and the more you will be able to walk at the ideal speed. In addition, it will also be easier if the track has very smooth asphalt, free of cracks. Another important factor is that the location doesn’t have a lot of people and vehicles
  • Distribute the weight correctly. Put more weight on the front foot and push with the back foot.
  • Use the right wheels. The small wheels will make it easier to break the traction and start to slide when making the slide. Also, keep in mind that used wheels will slide more easily than new ones;
  • Get down. Bending your knees will make it easier to push the tail on a slide. In addition, the lower you are means less distance to the ground when you fall.
  • Hang out with more experienced people. Ask them to evaluate your movements and tell you what to do differently;
  • Use safety equipment. A slide helmet and longboard gloves are a must. We recommend knee pads and elbow pads as well. You will be more comfortable if you feel more comfortable with the fall.

Check out the movements in the video below:

2) Peter Pan:

The second longboard maneuver is also very popular and suitable for beginners. It consists of crossing the legs walking on top of the shape. What you need most in this case is balance. In the video below you can understand better.

3) 1 Foot Backside 180 Slide:

Continuing the series of longboard maneuvers, the third is the 1 foot backside 180 slide, which is a maneuver that requires a little more training and experience. It is a more annoying long maneuver, but it is also not the most complex. It is an evolution of the backside slide. Check out the video:

4) Shove-it:

Shove-it is one of the longboard‌ maneuvers that needs a little more balance. To perform it you need to position your foot on the front of the long, the name, lifting the back of it. When the tail is up, with the back foot you will play the tail forward. After that, just drop to the base. You will probably take a few drops trying, but soon you will get the hang of it. Notice the video:

5) Bone Flip:

The bone flip is a maneuver especially for those who enjoy the freeride. In it you will lift the long with the back foot, while with the front foot you will position more to the side of the shape. You will be out of the long right now, in the right time to take two steps while you flip with your hand. When the long falls to the ground, you climb on it to complete the maneuver. It is very important to push the back foot so that the long one goes up the snow. Another crucial point is the positioning of the foot, which should be right at the tip of the tail, behind the truck. Confused? Then check out the video:

A cool site to watch videos of other longboard tricks and start learning and incorporating into your repertoire is skateboardbrasil. In it you will find a dictionary of longboard maneuvers, each with its respective video to be very didactic. Worth checking out.


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