Is there Skate with Brake?

Is there Skate with Brake?

Everyone who rides or has ever skated must have asked this question: Is there a skate with a brake? And longboard? For the happiness of those who can't brake with slides and don't get along with the foot-brake, the answer is yes, there is both  a skateboard   with a brake and a longboard!

In addition to the existing skateboard on the market, it is also possible to mount the equipment on your skateboard or longboard. Some stores already do this, mainly  in Rio de Janeiro   and São Paulo.

 the skateboard   with brake is very useful for those who usually use skateboard as a means of transport, whether to go to the bakery or to go to work, especially if there is no bike path on the route and you necessarily need to walk between cars.

One of the types of brake for skateboarding is the brakeboard, as shown on the oskate website.


This braking system is basically composed of a pedal on top of the shape with which you control the speed of your skateboard or longboard according to the intensity of your step. When you step on you activate a mechanism that causes friction on the wheels and that makes  the skateboard   lose speed, simple as that.

That said, one more question arises: if I step abruptly will I fly? Will I fall?

The answer is no. Your skateboard with a brake will not make you fly unless you are at a very high speed. Most people use  the skateboard   and  the longboard   at a speed that is quiet enough to use the brake, so if you use  a skateboard   with a brake, braking more abruptly will hardly make you fly or fall.

Below is also a video from oskateboard that shows how easy it is to use the mechanism:

Another very common system in skateboardboards with brakes is a cable, more or less like it works on bicycles, in which you press the lever and it activates the v-brake, that is, when tightening, brake pads cause friction and also stop your skateboardboard or longboard, but unlike the brakeboard, this system is activated by hand, as in the photo:

Now that you know different ways to safely brake your skateboardboard and longboard, it's up to you: take a chance on the slides and the foot-brake or buy  a skateboard   with a brake? Whatever your decision, good ride and see you next time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there skates designed with built-in brakes, and how do they compare to traditional braking methods?
Some skates, particularly those designed for beginners or certain disciplines like downhill skating, come with built-in brakes. These skates offer an additional safety feature compared to traditional foot braking, though they may offer less control for advanced maneuvers.

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