Praia do Secreto in RJ: where it is and how to get there

Praia do Secreto in RJ: where it is and how to get there

Find out where the secret beach is in Rio de Janeiro, how to get there and how to see if the tide is good to enjoy this natural pool in the middle of RJ.

Notice to seafarers

Before reading the post and finding out how to get to the secret beach, it is worth understanding that it was “discovered” about 2 years ago, and since then it has been published on several blogs and communication channels.

This made this natural pool in the middle of Rio de Janeiro a popular destination for visitors, making the experience there most of the time not a peaceful and lonely paradise, but a club pool. crowded (mainly on weekends).

But as the post is not to discourage you, let's go to the most important tips.

What is it and how to get there

In fact, the secret beach is a natural pool (since it has no sand strip) that is located between Praia da Macumba and Prainha and is about 12 meters long by 5 meters wide. This small space is protected from the sea by the mountain, a large rock in front of it and another series of boulders on the sides.

Its location makes it disappear when the tide is high and turn a beach (very small) when it is 100% shallow. In addition, because it is in a place that cannot be seen from the road, it ended up being known as the secret beach.

To get there you have 2 main paths:

  • From Praia da Macumba - you can follow the rocks until you reach Praia do Secreto (be very careful with the tide and days of sea surf) or walk along the Avenida do Estado da Guanabara until you reach the same entrance you should take coming from the other side.
  • From Prainha - in this case, you don't even have to go there, since you can park at Mirante da Prainha and walk along a very narrow trail that is on the edge of the avenue (I'll show you a picture of it below) until entry that I just mentioned up here.

See below a map that makes it very clear where it is:

As I showed you, the (very fast) trail is accessed via the Estrada da Guanabara avenue. If you're wondering how to get there, there are a few (few) options:

  • Car: If you can go that way, I highly recommend it, since you just have to park at Mirante da Prainha and walk a little to the entrance to the trail that leads to the secret beach. No mystery or problems. To do this, just follow the Barra da Tijuca waterfront until you reach Avenida Estado da Guanabara. I already mentioned in another post, but it is worth remembering that there is an entry limit for cars, so try to go early on weekends, if not, you will end up being left out.
  • Bus: As the secret beach is between Prainha and Praia da Macumba, there are options leading to the second beach. Some lines that can be used are (in the line options that go to Alvorada, be sure to take a second bus that passes through the pontal road):
  • do Centro - 315, 316, 361 and 2329
  • from the South Zone - 502, 523 and 524
  • of Vargem Grande - 817A and 823A
  • West Zone - 854, 855, 877, 882 and 889
  • North Zone - 690, 691 and 614

Summary and “Track”

  • Average Track Time: 5 minutes
  • Route: Prainha Lookout - Secreto Beach
  • Difficulty: Light (with a steep descent at the end)

So come on, this summary of how to get there will be done taking into account the hypothesis that you have driven.

Right after parking, looking at the sea, just walk to the left along a small trail (if we can call that a trail) at the side of the road.

Walking about 5 minutes (at most) you arrive at an entrance on the right (between the fence) which is the path to the descent to the natural pool. When you see a danger sign - risk of death is a good sign that you are on the right track (hehe). In the image below you can see the parking lot of the viewpoint of the little beach in the background.

Despite the fun the descent is very steep and it is important to be very careful, a slide can cause you to get hurt and, depending on the tide, it may not be a good idea to get too close due to the waves hitting the rocks.

Having said that, you will quickly see the descent to Praia do Secreto itself, this beautiful natural pool in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.


As I mentioned above, there are 2 dangers that are worth noting to avoid having a headache or taking scares later:

  • 1. The descent is steep and depending on the conditions it can be slippery, so be careful!
  • 2. When the sea is strong and the tide is high it is very dangerous to go down to the water.

Rafa's tricks

Some tips to make your visit to Praia do Secreto cooler are:

  • Check tides - As I already told you throughout the post, the secret beach is protected by rocks and that means that when the tide is very high, it is impossible to enter the water and, when it is very low, the whole space it's just sand. To enjoy the best, try to keep an eye on the Tides table.
  • See the Sunrise or Sunset - There are many places where the sunrise or sunset  in Rio de Janeiro   are incredible and the secret beach is another one of them. Just leaning against the rock waiting for the sun to come or into the water watching it go.

Secret Beach is not that secret anymore

The truth is that the name beach of the secret no longer means much. It has been a while since this beach with a natural pool feel has been publicized in several places (including here, in this post) and this has caused it to be constantly crowded.

Because of this, if you are not a fan of muvucas, it is worth looking for the beach on weekdays and early hours. I say this because it is quite common for it to be crowded on weekends.

Anyway, I consider the secret beach an excellent option for those who want to enjoy a different beach in the middle of Rio de Janeiro.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Praia do Secreto a unique destination in Rio de Janeiro, and what should visitors be prepared for when visiting?
Praia do Secreto is unique for its hidden location and natural pool formed by rock formations. Visitors should be prepared for a short but potentially challenging hike and be aware of tide conditions, as the pool is best enjoyed at low tide.
What makes Praia do Secreto a unique destination in Rio de Janeiro, and what should visitors know before going?
Praia do Secreto is unique for its secluded setting and natural pool. Visitors should know it's accessible via a hidden trail and best visited at low tide. The area requires careful navigation and awareness of sea conditions.

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 2017-01-15 -  Uma Volta e Meia
We are from the Uma Volta e Meia Blog (, we went a short time ago and your blog helped a lot. Thanks!
 2017-01-17 -  Harry W. Branco
The caption of the “sunset” photo is wrong. In reality the photo shows the sun rising behind Pedra do Pontal (east direction)
 2017-01-18 -  Rafael
@A Volta e Meia. Nothing personal, good to know that the post was useful. ps - very nice your blog =]
 2017-01-18 -  Rafael
@Harry W. Branco. Truth Harry, thanks for the correction!
 2017-03-08 -  La Cotovie
Hi Rafael! I loved the tip, I've been wanting to go to the beach for a long time, and this tide is crucial. I'll try to go very early so I don't get too crowded! Kisses!
 2017-03-10 -  Rafael
@La Cotovie. Hi Luisa! I don't know much about tides, but if I'm not mistaken, it's not always that it's low early, it depends on the day. It is worth following here -
 2017-03-29 -  Andreia Silva
Good Morning ! I loved the tip, and I will definitely visit this beach.
 2018-07-24 -  Yas Medyna
Hi! I loved your article! I did an article about a Friday that I spent in Prainha and used your map. I cited the source with the link to that article. In case there is a problem, please talk to me. Thanks! my blog: my cell: 21 98885 1462 e-mail: [email protected]
 2018-07-25 -  Rafael Avila
@Yas Medyna. Hi Yasmin, thanks for the message and thanks for the quote =]
 2019-01-19 -  Emanoel
It is interesting to state the ideal tide value to visit Praia do Secreto.
 2019-01-21 -  Rafael Avila
@Emanoel. Emanoel speaks, I would not know how to say the ideal tide, but it is certainly necessary that it is low (either lowering or starting the process of becoming full), otherwise the natural pool will be too full.

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