Longboards: The best spots in Rio de Janeiro

Longboards: The best spots in Rio de Janeiro

Whoever rides a longboard, skateboard, bike or surfs  in Rio de Janeiro   always finds the same problem in the peaks: maximum capacity. It’s always a little difficult to get a better space, and when we do it doesn’t last long. Of course, we have some places that are quieter for longboarding, like Aterro do Flamengo for example. Still, sometimes it is complicated by the number of families walking in the place.

But for those who want a good peak to ride with the longboard, there are two good peaks for freeride, slides, carves and even slalon.

The first peak for longboards: Mundo Novo Condominium

Behind the condominium, located in Barra towards Recreio - Rio de Janeiro, it has two perfect slopes, one for beginners and one more suitable for the heavier crowd. And the best thing: there are no cars there, which increases security. In addition, the asphalt is smooth.

One of the slopes, ideal for beginners, is longer but not so steep, which is good for not giving so much speed to  the longboard   and with that you will get the taste and the way downhill.

The other slope, this steeper one, is better for those who already have a certain experience and is guaranteed when braking the long and making more complex maneuvers with a higher speed.

The two slopes are well wooded, have security from the condominium and are well lit at night, for those who prefer not to be under the sun while taking a walk with their longboards.

The slopes of the Condominium Mundo Novo are not empty, but are frequented more by the people from Barra and Jacarepaguá, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. They are also used for some championships.

Some videos of the slopes:

The second peak: Paineiras

The leisure area of ​​Paineiras, in Tijuca National Park, is an excellent peak  in Rio de Janeiro   for those who already have more experience with longboard and already have the skills to be able to brake, lose and gain speed when needed, in addition to practicing maneuvers riskier and slides. Another positive point is that it is more central for those who do not want to face the traffic to Barra.

The exact location is Estrada Redentor, which has closed access to cars every Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm (6 pm in summer time), which helps a lot for the safety of skaters.

It is easy to get to both Cosme Velho and Alto da Boa Vista and the best way is to go by car.

In Paineiras we have very quiet stretches even for beginners, but it is more than advisable to use helmets and elbow pads, due to the tight curves and the speed that  the longboard   takes in some places. In certain places on the track, what we have next is a ravine, so if my friend falls, the chance of getting fucked is very high!

Some videos from there:

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria make a spot ideal for longboarding, and how do these spots in Rio meet these criteria?
Ideal longboarding spots have smooth pavements, gentle slopes for cruising, and minimal traffic. Rio’s spots like Flamengo Park and Copacabana’s promenade offer these conditions, along with scenic views, making them perfect for longboard enthusiasts.

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