How to choose a longboard or skateboard?

How to choose a longboard or skateboard

When we go to buy something it is common to have the doubt if we are making the best purchase. Buying  a skateboard‌  or longboard is no different. This post will be to help you who want to buy your skateboard or longboard but still don't know which one best fits your needs and wants. With some basic tips we will help you in choosing  a longboard‌  or skateboard.

The first thing when thinking about a traditional longboard or skateboard is the shape. It is essential that this part is suitable for you. Below we will show the differences between them. In addition to talking about trucks and wheels.

Choosing the size of the shape

The choice of your shape will go through two fundamental factors:

Shape types

For each modality of longboard and skateboard we have a specific type of shape. Below is a brief summary of the main ones:


For this modality the most suitable shapes are the big ones, with tail and nose to help practice maneuvers. We can take as an example the maneuver in which the skateboardr walks with only the front or rear wheels or dancing. And for this modality the ideal is to use soft wheels, between 77 and 84A.


As the objective of this sport is to run a lot, where there are skateboardrs that reach up to 120km / h, it is necessary to have the greatest possible stability. If you want a skateboardboard or longboard for that purpose, the shapes indicated are usually recessed and with the base of the trucks bolted on top.

Soft wheels give you more speed, but they can also hinder you in tight corners. The ideal for those who are starting to practice this sport is not to get one that is too soft or too hard.


The ideal for this modality are the smaller shapes and soft wheels, which generate more speed and more mobility. In addition small trucks and also, of course, a good bearing. Cruiser skateboardboards and longboards are very good for Slalom.

But what about my weight and height? Do they really influence how to choose a longboard? The answer is yes, my dear.

Weight and Height x Skate and Longboard

how to choose a longboard - table height x shape longboard
Above 1.15m height, Small Size:
Shape up to 7 (17.8cm) - Recommended for children from 6 to 8 years old with 1.15 up to 1.32 in height, which wear shoes between 32 and 36.
Above 1.34m height, Medium Size:
Shape up to 7.3 (18.5cm) - Recommended for children aged 9 to 12 years old with 1.34 to 1.57 height , wearing shoes between 37 and 40.
Above 1.60m height, Large Size:
Shape up to 7.5 (19.5cm or larger) - Recommended for people from 13 years old, or taller than 1.60m, wearing tennis 41 or greater.
7.5 to 8 :
Standard shape for adult skaters who walk the streets and / or perform technical maneuvers
8 to 8.25 :
For ramps, pools and parks
8.25 or greater:
Vertical skate, pools, cruising and Old School

Monstersports SkateShop has set up a table to help those looking for the ideal skateboard according to their height. These measures are only suggestions and not rules, it is also important when buying, to ask to try the product, see if it can support your weight without bending too much and if your feet are comfortable with the distance between the axes. The important thing is to feel safe and feel comfortable with the skateboardboard and the longboard.

Monstersports SkateShop

When asking me how to choose a longboard, I did just that. I did a lot of research, went to the stores, questioned each feature and EXPERIENCED skateboardboards and longboards. This is very important.

Trucks for longboards and skateboardboards

What is truck?

Truck are the axles of the skateboardboard where we fit the shock absorbers, bearings and consequently the wheels.

To choose the ideal truck for your long or your skateboardboard, the important thing is to pay attention to two things: the width and height of the truck.

Truck width

  • 1: 129 mm for shapes from 7 to 7.75
  • 2: 133 mm for shapes from 7.5 to 7.81
  • 3: 136 mm for shapes from 7.75 to 8
  • 4: 139 mm for shapes from 7.75 to 8.25
  • 5: 146 mm for shapes from 8 to 8.5
  • 6: 149 mm for shapes from 8.125 to 8.75
  • 7: 160, 180 and 200mm for Longboards

The ideal width will vary according to the shape you will use. Monster Sports also has a table of the most common sizes:

Monster Sports

Truck height

<strong>Low:</strong> Good for small wheels, facilitates maneuvers such as flip and ollie;

<strong>Tall:</strong> The tallest truck is always better for turning, as it prevents the shape from touching the wheels. The downside is the loss of stability. For more complete and technical information, Monster Sports' own website is pretty cool.

Longboard trucks stand out for being much wider than trucks for conventional skateboardboards. They also have two different types of format: normal and inverted.

The normal ones are the same as the common Skate trucks, but they only have a bigger beam. The inverted ones, on the other hand, have their beam and set of shock absorbers turned upside down, which makes the skateboardboard more stable at high speeds and also facilitates the making of curves, since they have a greater facility to turn left and right.

Still wondering how to choose a longboard? I think that with these little tips you can already buy either your conventional skateboardboard or your longboard, right? If you have any questions just leave a comment and we will respond.

How to choose a longboard or skateboard – in short

The most important when you are wondering how to choose  a longboard‌  or skateboard is to select the type of board that fits your practice, and to get a board that fits your height.

On top of that, getting a board from a good brand – along with the right protective equipment – will ensure that you will enjoy the sport at its best, and will be able to use your board for a long time, with as little injuries as possible!

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