Choosing the Right Surfboard? Easy tips to follow

A surfboard is a special board used in surfing. Surfboards are relatively light, but strong enough to support a person standing on them while riding an ocean wave.
Choosing the Right Surfboard? Easy tips to follow

How to choose the right surfboard?

 a surfboard   is a special board used in surfing. Surfboards are relatively light, but strong enough to support a person standing on them while riding an ocean wave.

They are different: long and short, narrow and wide, pointed or with a round nose. Those who have ever been to a surfer beach could pay attention to a variety of boards. The number of types and sizes of surfboards is amazing. It is very important to choose the right size surfboard for successful swimming.

Are you a beginner or an experiencer surfer, with no idea about the best surfboard to buy? Well, you are not alone. There are many surfers with sufficient skills when it comes to surfing, but that does not mean that all of them know how to choose the right surfing board.

Picking the wrong surfing board can make your surfing experience a complicated ordeal. Therefore, To protect you in the market situation, this article highlights unique and fundamental tips to help buy an ideal long, short, medium, hard or  soft surfboard   for you.

Experience level

If you are buying for yourself or a friend who has no prior experience in riding the wave; experts recommend using  a longboard   because they offer a better flotation capability.

Longboards have a stable and wide wave catching surface, which gives you a chance to learn faster. You may have seen movies where pro surfs swiftly with small boards, but patience will take you there safely.

However, if you are intermediate or experienced, you can go for a moderate board that will boost your performance and just remembers moderation is the key.

Long surf board

Mind your weight

Wait… this is a very crucial point; you cannot go for a large gadget that is hard to turn. If you are a heavy person, invest in  a longboard   which is a thicker and longer surfboard, for that will support you more because of buoyancy increases with the surface area.

It is easy for a heavier person to push the large-sized board than a light one.

Your wave type

If you interact with experienced surfers who have attended the sporting activities, they will tell you how often it disappoints when riding the wave in the beaches that are new to them.

The complication is due to the wave type. If you are  to surf   or will be surfing in slower and mushier waves then,  a longboard   will give you comfort. For hollower and steeper wave types,  a shortboard   will fit well to provide a thrilling experience.

Get a shortboard

Your fitness level matters

Surfing is not for the weak. You need to be well fit and experience in various other water sports can be an added advantage.

Activities like wakeboarding, snowboarding, and others can help you grow a firm athletic body. Your strength enables you to maneuver at high speed in the ocean using shortboards, and hence fitness determines the option for the hard or  soft surfboard   to purchase.

Experience allows someone to optimize fun by catching the waves in swift moves.

Surfing frequency

How often you will be surfing can as well influence your decision for the surfboard size. Someone who goes surfing on weekends or after a month is not like a frequent surfer.

Therefore it is not realistic to struggle with the mini-board if you are only available during the weekend.

It is advisable to enjoy  a longboard   if you are out for weekends only while if you are always available, using a shorter or medium  soft surfboard   will give you a chance to grow faster.


These tips will assist you in making the right decision when choosing a surfing board that will propel your surfing experience.

Learning how  to surf   will be faster when you have the right equipment. However, if you still find it still challenging to land the right surfboard, let the expert do the task for you.

Get a soft surf board

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some simple yet effective tips for beginners to choose the right surfboard, and how does board selection evolve as skills improve?
Beginners should choose surfboards based on stability and ease of learning, like longer, wider boards. As skills improve, surfers can opt for shorter, more maneuverable boards suited to their surfing style and wave preferences.

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