Main Longboard Modalities

Main Longboard Modalities

San Francisco, California. Late 50's. Surfers bored by the lack of waves decide to create  the longboard   with wood and roller trucks so that they could make the movements of the surf on the asphalt.

Since it was created, several modalities have emerged, each with a different footprint: Downhill, for example, focused more on speed and others, such as street, very similar to traditional skateboarding. Below a brief summary of the main modalities and some videos to exemplify them.


Carving is the original form of longboarding, and skaters generally practice it down hills and mountains. They always do zigzags and curves in a smooth way. The idea is to really simulate surfing on asphalt. This is a good modality for those who are starting to practice this sport. In addition to taking practice with the movements of the longboard, the skater adapts to the speed.


One of the main modes of longboarding. The skater's focus is always on speed. In competitions it is very common for the athlete to reach more than 100km / h. It is essential for the practice of downhill the use of leather overalls and specific helmet, which ensures greater protection.


In the freeride, the skater descends slopes making slides and other maneuvers. This modality is where we can see a greater repertoire of the skater, who uses speed and technique for maneuvers.


The purpose of this modality is mainly to deflect and circumvent objects. It requires a lot of skill from the skateboardr.


Much like traditional skateboardboarding, street is practiced on the streets and tracks using maneuvers on handrails and ramps.

It is worth remembering that for any modality, be it downhill, slalom, street, freeride or carving, it is very important to use safety equipment, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. Below is a video with some longboard fails:

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes the different modalities of longboarding, and how does one choose the right modality based on skill level?
The main longboard modalities differ in riding style, board design, and purpose – from cruising and carving to downhill and freestyle. Beginners might start with cruising for its ease, while more skilled riders may explore downhill or freestyle for a challenging experience.

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