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Skate main maneuvers

Hey guys! In the previous post I talked about longboard skate maneuvers. Today I'm going to write more comprehensively and talk about conventional skateboarding. I put down a list with the most used skate maneuvers already with the link to the videos, so it becomes clearer to understand and try to learn. I took almost everything from another site that I like a lot and have used it as a reference in other posts: sk8drop


This list is a collection of what I found on the internet, so feel free to give suggestions, send videos and names of maneuvers that I may not have posted.

Skating and not knowing how to maneuver is not funny, is it? So let's go to the list!

Skate tricks types and detailed skateboarding stunts names

Let’s see in detail all these skateboarding tricks names!

Skateboarding maneuvers: basic

  • Bigspin
  • Body varial
  • BS 180 Ollie
  • BS pop shove-it
  • BS pop shove-it tailgrab
  • BS shove-it
  • FS 180 Nollie
  • FS 180 Ollie
  • FS Halfcab
  • FS Nollie 360 ​​shove-it
  • FS shove-it
  • Hippy jump
  • Nollie
  • Ollie
  • Ollie late shove-it

Skateboarding maneuvers: Flips

  • 360 flip
  • 540 flip
  • Alpha flip
  • Double kickflip
  • Fakie 360 ​​flip
  • Fakie bigspin
  • Forward flip
  • Fs halfcab kickflip
  • Heelflip
  • Flip hospital
  • Kickflip
  • Nollie flip
  • Nollie varial heelflip
  • Sex change
  • Varial kickflip

Skate maneuvers: Slide

  • Bs boardslide
  • Bs darkslide
  • Bs noseslide

Skate maneuvers: Lip / Stall

  • Crooked Bs
  • Fs 50-50
  • Fs smith

Skateboarding maneuvers: Grind

  • Bs axle stall
  • Bs axle revert
  • Easy nosestall
  • Fs 5-0 to tail
  • Fs axle stall 270 out
  • Fs axle stall to tail
  • Fs crail stall
  • FS disaster
  • Nosestall

Skate maneuvers: Manual / Balance

  • 60’s pornstar
  • Firecracker
  • Kickflip nosemanual
  • Manual
  • Yeah right

Skate maneuvers: Freestyle / Old School

  • Bean drop
  • Boneless
  • Caveman
  • Fingerflip
  • Flamingo front foot
  • Fs 180 boneless
  • Fs 360 boneless
  • Fs bertlemann slide
  • Oldschool kickflip
  • Pogo
  • Wallplant

Skateboarding maneuvers: Ramp / Grab

  • Bs 180 early grab
  • Drop in
  • Indy

Are you wondering which are the most difficult on that list?

In an interview with the iG portal, skaters Bob Burnquist, Pedro Barros and Lucas Xaparral chose the skate maneuvers that they consider the most difficult. It is a list of 5 skate maneuvers that all skaters struggle to perform perfectly.

IG Portal

These maneuvers are usually “no grab”, that is, the athlete needs to rotate  the skateboard‌  and his body without using his hands. But the switch maneuvers, which are those with the base switched, are also quite complicated.

More difficult skate maneuvers:

Fakie To Fakie 900

“The Fakie to fakie 900 was, for a long time, a stone in the shoes of Bob Burnquist, who tried several times to execute it perfectly. “It was the most difficult maneuver I have ever performed”, reveals the champion. The basis of the maneuver is the 900 °, a movement created by Tony Hawk that consists of two and a half turns of the skater on his own axis. But the biggest difficulty of the fakie to fakie 900 is jumping and landing, since both movements must be done on the back. Bob Burnquist was the first skater to be able to do the trick. ”

Source: iG

SS Flip (Switch Flip)

“Although it looks like a simple move, the SS Flip can become a very difficult maneuver. “For me, the SS Flip is an easy maneuver, but one day I tried to execute it on the steps of the Cathedral and I couldn't,” says Lucas Xaparral. After many attempts, he finally managed to finish the move. “It was one of the most difficult maneuvers I have ever sent in my life,” he says. The SS Flip consists of a traditional flip, but with an inverted base. In practice, it means that the skateboarder walks with his body as opposed to how he would normally walk. ”

On the Grab 720

“Bob, Xaparral and Pedro Barros agree: any maneuver without a grab is quite difficult. In their language, grab is using your hands to position  the skateboard‌  during the movement. “The most difficult maneuvers are turning without grabbing,” explains Pedro Barros. For him, any maneuver without grab is always complicated. Usually, skaters take  the skateboard‌  at the time of landing to facilitate, but in maneuvers without grab, athletes have to stabilize  the skateboard‌  with only their feet. Jake Brown managed to execute a No Grab 720 at the X Games in Foz do Iguaçu, in April. ”

Ollie 360 ​​Flip

“The Ollie 360 ​​Flip consists of rotating the skate on its two axes. Despite being an apparently easy maneuver, Bob Burnquist struggled to be able to execute it in the Megarrampa gap. This is because the space that the skateboarder has to perform the maneuver is very large, which makes movement very difficult. ”

Varial Flip Switch

“Switch maneuvers are, by nature, already quite complicated. “Doing a switch maneuver is like writing with a changed hand,” explains Pedro Barros. Changing the base base greatly increases the difficulty level of any maneuver, so it is necessary to have a certain skill to perform them perfectly. One of the most classic switch maneuvers is the Varial Flip Switch, which is a combination of two maneuvers: the varial and the flip. The basis of the movement is to rotate  the skateboard‌  on its two axes of rotation. “Doing the maneuver with the changed foot is very complicated”, explains the athlete. ”

Skate tricks in conclusion

There’s plenty of skate tricks and it can be difficult to remember – and even more to master – these skateboarding stunts names as they are so varied in types and skills needed. However, it’s a lot of fun to try pulling off some skate tricks!

So, what do you think? Want to read about another category? Leave your comment here with criticism, praise and suggestions.

Hugs and see you soon!

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