Viscount of Mauá Attractions

See how to get to Viscount of Mauá and discover inns, restaurants, the best waterfalls and attractions in nearby cities like Maringa and Maromba.

Today I'm going to talk about some beautiful attractions and possibilities for tours in a very beautiful region here in the state of Rio de Janeiro that are very close to Resende and Itatiaia. For those who do not know, Viscount of Mauá has a series of very cool trails and waterfalls to be enjoyed on a good weekend there.

Where is Viscount of Mauá

To start, it is worth understanding exactly where the Viscount of Mauá region is. Leaving Rio de Janeiro and taking the Nova Dutra highway, around km 311, between the cities of Resende and Itatiaia, there is an exit that leads there.

From the city of Rio to the exit to Viscount of Mauá it takes about two hours by car. Leaving São Paulo is a little more time and the exit is the same 311, the only difference is that you need to get a return (rest assured that there is a sign).

From that exit, you take about 27 km until you reach the first of the 3 cities, which is Viscount of Mauá. Soon after, continuing on the main road you reach Maringa and a little further ahead you find Maromba. Take a look at the map (with the waterfalls) that will give you an idea of ​​where to stay:

If you want to be a little more, I recommend an excellent guide site for the city of Viscount of Mauá.

Where to stay

The main cities, in the order you will pass on the road are:

  • Penedo
  • Viscount of Mauá
  • Maringa
  • Maromba

In my opinion, because it is a little further down the mountain, Penedo is not a good one. Of the other 3 cities you will find good options for hostels in Visconde de Mauá and Maringá. In addition, these two cities are very centralized and are very close (if you are driving) to the main waterfalls.

Maromba Waterfalls

There are 3 main ones:

  • Escorrega Waterfall
  • Poção Waterfall
  • Bride's Veil Waterfall

I wrote more about each of them in another article here from Adrenalina.

Alcantilado Valley Waterfalls

If one day went to the waterfalls of Maromba, the other must be to the waterfalls of Vale do Alcantilado. Access is not so simple now, but it is also not out of this world. Leaving Visconde de Mauá, you will turn right on the road to Maringá when you see a sign informing Vale.

Right after the exit you will take a dirt road until you reach Sítio where the 9 waterfalls of the Alcantilado are. As soon as you arrive, you can see on the top of the hill, in the distance, the stone of the ninth waterfall.

The nine waterfalls are:

  • Waterfall
  • Sand Pit
  • Well of Roots
  • Açude Waterfall
  • Wall Waterfall
  • Lajeado Waterfall
  • Toca Waterfall
  • Granito Cave Waterfall
  • Alcantilado Waterfall

There is a fee (if I am not mistaken R $ 14 per person) and a 1.5 km trail to reach the last waterfall (3 km round trip). But starting from the beginning, the first one you find is Cachoeirinha, right near the entrance. This is a very simple, shallow and without much new stuff, but very nice to stop at the time of the return, before leaving.

Continuing on the trail you end up passing through some beautiful places like this one below, which is next to the Lajeado waterfall (if I'm not mistaken):

A little more and you can have fun climbing a big log that is propped up at the waterfall of Gruta do Granito:

And finally, if you have the race to go all the way (it’s very quiet), you are presented with this unmissable waterfall. I really recommend that you go up there.

Beyond the imposing rock.

You are still presented with the best view of the place. You can even see the entrance and the house of the farm you pass:

Then just go back and stop at the waterfalls that you liked the most. If you were in doubt about going to the site of all the waterfalls, don't be, it is worth visiting and visiting them all.

If you did like me and just spent a weekend, it is worth going early on Sunday, so you can still enjoy the last few hours of the hotel before returning home. If you stay more days and have time to visit other places, you can still look for more on these here:

  • Other waterfalls of Visconde de Mauá, Maringá and Maromba
  • Santa Clara Waterfall
  • Toca da Raposa Waterfall
  • Sanctuary Waterfall
  • Antas Waterfall
  • Saudade Waterfall
  • Água Clara Waterfall
  • Silver Waterfall
  • Paiol Waterfall

If you want to know where each of these waterfalls is, just look at this map:

Other activities to raise Adrenaline in the surroundings

  • Free fly
  • Rappelling
  • Rental of jeeps and quadricycles
  • Cannoyng
See more information about these adventures here.

Guesthouses, Hotels and Restaurants in Visconde de Mauá

Hotels and Inns:

  • Pousada Verde Água
  • Hotel Warabi
  • Pousada Aldebaran
  • Pousada Recanto da Serra

I really liked it when I stayed in a Verde Água chalet, very good service, breakfast in the room, fireplace and a nice view. This is what I recommend. If you want to search for more options, I found Warabi very beautiful too, and the coolest thing is that right next door there is a mini atersanais brewery, an excellent option.

Green Water chalet


  • Maison de la Fondue Restaurant
  • Warabi Japanese Restaurant
  • Mrs. Mathilde Bier
  • Costa Brava - Casa do Fondue

These are some of the options, but in addition to the Maison de la Fondue, which has an intimate atmosphere and a very nice candlelight dinner, I recommend that you take a stroll through the gastronomic promenade of Maringá (both on the RJ and MG sides).


I know it's a little off topic, but for those who have a home and want to buy some extra things, I bought very good and cheap carpets and futon in a store in Maringá (side of Rio de Janeiro).

How long should I stay

A weekend is enough time (every time I went it was exactly that, 2 days), but if you want to amend a holiday it can also be nice to know even more waterfalls around the region.

A little bit of History: Visconde de Mauá

If we are talking about the Visconde de Mauá region, it is always worth talking a little about the man who gave the place its name. This man is Irineu Evangelista de Sousa, who was born in 1813 in Rio Grande do Sul and would come to be known in the future as Visconde de Mauá. He was the son of the couple João Evangelista de Ávila (look at my surname appearing in the story) and Sousa and Mariana de Jesus Batista de Carvalho.

To summarize, Irineu started working at the age of nine at Praça do Comércio, a commercial establishment in RJ. After comings and goings, in 1830 he was recommended by the former boss to work for the Scottish import company Richard Carruthers, where he developed even more professionally and earned the boss's trust.

At the age of 23 he was already a manager of the company and in 1839, when the owner returned to the United Kingdom, Irineu took over the company's business in Brazil. The following year, in 1846, he acquired a shipyard in Niterói, which was called the Foundry Establishment and the Ponta da Areia Shipyard Company. This would be the beginning of many of the achievements of the future Barão de Mauá, who in 1874 received the title of Viscount of Mauá. In its main contributions we can highlight:

  • Foundation of the Gas Lighting Company of Rio de Janeiro
  • Tram navigation companies
  • Railroad construction

His history of contribution to national industrial development ended in 1889, when he died in Petrópolis, in Rio de Janeiro, at the age of 75.

Frequently Asked Questions

What unique blend of natural and cultural attractions does Viscount of Mauá offer, and how can visitors best experience its charm?
Viscount of Mauá offers a blend of stunning natural landscapes, including waterfalls and valleys, along with charming cultural attractions like artisan shops and local cuisine. Visitors can best experience its charm by exploring both its natural wonders and engaging with the local community and culture.

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