Maromba Trails and Waterfalls: where it is and how to get there

For those unfamiliar, Maromba is a village located in the region of Visconde de Mauá at about 1,200m of altitude. The climate there is sensational and you will find many hippies selling handicrafts through the streets near the central square (where the church and some bars are) and beautiful waterfalls.

It is an incredible place to get to know yourself with a pure air of envy to large urban centers and, for those who believe, with a very good energy!

Maromba Attractions

Maromba Waterfalls

The 3 waterfalls that I like the most are Escorrega, Véu da Noiva and Poção. They are the best known too and it is incredibly easy to reach them. Going by car, you practically park at the entrance to the waterfalls and walk very little.

If you are going to spend a weekend there, make sure you use one of the days for them.

Escorrega Waterfall

The name already denounces right? The Escorrega waterfall is a large, steep and smooth stone. Ideal for you to slide along its entire length and fall into the natural pool that forms below. Down here is me and my girlfriend over there:

Here you can see the full size of the waterfall which is super fun to go down. Rest assured that it is zero risky.

All the time you see people going down there on their butts, on their chests and I've even seen a photo of people doing  the skateboard   descent. That must be adrenaline!

Poção Waterfall

This is the second waterfall that I like the most and once again the name already gives a little. To take advantage of the potion it takes a little courage, but before we get to the jump, let's take a general look from the top of the stone:

And one from the bottom. It may not even seem like it, but the depth in the place of the jump is very quiet (about 7 meters) and every time I went there I saw a lot of people venturing in the 8 meters of the potion jump.

If there is no one jumping before it is worth checking the bottom to make sure that there will be no rocks in the wrong place or that it is a dry season and the pool is shallower.

Bride's Veil Waterfall

This is one that I don't think is so special, but that has its value. The waterfall of the bride's veil is one for you to relax, recharge and enjoy some time.

The truth is that you can enjoy the three waterfalls in one day. Just stay longer in the one you like more and a little less in the others. If you are going to spend a holiday, I recommend you to go to other nearby places like the Vale do Alcantilado and waterfalls in the vicinity.

At night

There are good options of bars where you can enjoy a good cachaça or cerva. As the weather there is usually cold at night, it is worth going in the first option.

If you know Maromba and have other tips, comment down here that it will be a pleasure to see what you think from there!

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of hiking expertise is required for the Maromba Trails, and what are the standout features of the waterfalls in this area?
The Maromba Trails cater to a range of hiking expertise, from beginner to intermediate. The waterfalls in this area, such as the Maromba and Itaporani falls, are known for their scenic beauty and natural pools, ideal for refreshing swims.

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