Top 10: The Best Longboard Brands

What are the best longboard brands?

Finding the best and selecting the best longboard brands can be difficult if you are just a beginner. Talk to anyone who already has one and everyone will give you a different answer. Some answers will satisfy you, while others may just confuse you, and at the end of the day you will come to the conclusion that there is no definitive answer in choosing the best longboard or the best longboard brands.

When you start, as in any sport, your skill level starts from zero, and as you continually practice, your skill graph starts to improve day by day, until a time comes when you reach another level. You can be proficient in one game and you may not be so good in another, simply because your skills and competencies are not for it, and so is longboarding: not everyone is suitable for each individual skill.

What is the best longboard brand?

Here at you have already seen that there are several types of longboard. Each longboard works very well for certain situations, also explained here on the blog. We can apply the same principle for longboard brands. So, what would be the best longboard brands?

There are many good brands available for longboarding. Each working better with a type of longboard, which in turn is made for people of a type and level of skill. There are brands and types of longboard that are better for people just starting out, and there are brands that are better for individuals who are riding at a more advanced level. I will go into detail in a future post, for now I leave you with the list of the best longboard brands and also the most popular:

Top 10 best longboard brands

  1. Sector 9
  2. Original Skateboards
  3. Loaded
  4. Arbor
  5. Gravity
  6. Loyal Dean
  7. Atom
  8. Landyachtz
  9. Surf One
  10. Gold Coast
  11. Globe
  12. Krown

The ultimate top longboard brands

Among the best longboard brands, I particularly prefer Sector 9, even for having a long and a glove from the brand. It is not a cheap brand but it is far from being expensive like Loaded, the top among all.

Sector 9

Of the best longboard brands, I mainly highlight these two:  Sector 9‌  for making longboard of the highest quality and durability at the most affordable prices, and Loaded for being the top in the market, but with lower prices.

The best longboards from the best longboard brand

As we saw above, there are many quality longboard brands out there – and Sector9 has some of the best skate longboards of the market, that are suitable for all levels, and especially suitable for experienced riders.

What is the best longboard brand? Sector 9 is the best longboard brand

But what are the best longboards from them? They are producing various skate boards for various use: cruiser, carving, commuter, freeride, downhill and park.

However, what interests us more here are their longboards, which are classified either on their downhill or completes collections – find below a short selection of Sector9 best longboards along with links to get the best board for your use.

Best longboards from Sector 9ImagePriceBuy
Minimalist Wave Bamboo Collection - Maverick CragMinimalist Wave Bamboo Collection - Maverick Crag$$$
Mosaic Collection – Ledger MosaicMosaic Collection – Ledger Mosaic$$$
Paradise Bamboo Collection – Lookout LeiParadise Bamboo Collection – Lookout Lei$$$
Jor Ros Collection – Paradiso Monkey KingJor Ros Collection – Paradiso Monkey King$$$
Aloha Bamboo Collection – Moonlight MaverickAloha Bamboo Collection – Moonlight Maverick$$$
DOWNHILL RIDING STYLE – Paradiso Monkey KingDOWNHILL RIDING STYLE – Paradiso Monkey King$$$

With this large choice of quality longboards, made either from maple, bamboo, and other quality materials, you will for sure be able to find the right one for your use, that also matches your style.

However, before going downhill on your favorite spot, do not forget to get proper equipment and especially protective gear to ride your longboard safely!

Longboards boards and protective equipmentImagePriceBuy
Longboards selectionLongboards selection$$
Knee, Elbow & Wrist Guards Protective Pad Set longboard protective gearKnee, Elbow & Wrist Guards Protective Pad Set longboard protective gear$
Skateboard Helmet for Roller Skate Longboard Inline Skating - Bike Helmet with Adjustable StrapsSkateboard Helmet for Roller Skate Longboard Inline Skating - Bike Helmet with Adjustable Straps$$
Skate skin pantsSkate skin pants$
Hand protection glovesHand protection gloves$
Sling Backpack with waist belt for longboard skatingSling Backpack with waist belt for longboard skating$$

The best longboard brands are not only creating amazing boards, but also great protective accessories that are necessary to enjoy your rides as long as possible, such as pants, gloves, knee pads, and more.

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