How to understand wave prediction?

How to understand wave prediction?

Hello people!

We recently wrote an article with 6 good wave forecasting sites. But do they really work? There is some risk of looking at a website, seeing that the wave forecast is good, getting ready, sleeping early, putting things in the car arriving at the beach and ... it's flat.

an article with 6 good wave forecasting sites

Unfortunately the risk is high, as the quality of the wave is influenced by many things: wave direction, size, direction and strength of the wind and bottom.

wave quality

In Brazil, this last item ends up having a greater impact and it is usually it that ends with the websites' forecasts. We live in a country essentially formed by beach breaks, that is, with peaks with a sandy bottom. Sand moves, right? In other words, you never know if the peak will be right there or if the sand will be scattered.


The best way to prevent a bad forecast is to start understanding how they are made and why the types of waves and wind indicated for your favorite peak are really the best.

I'm not a mega-hyper-specialist, but I tried to study this a while ago, I understood some things that made sense to me and, I think it's cool to share here. But it would be great to hear from experts, so if you're one, don't hesitate to comment below!