The best list of trails in Rio de Janeiro

It is almost impossible to find a good list of trails  in Rio de Janeiro   that is not gigantic (to the point of leaving you lost with so many options) and that at the same time is not only on the best known and popular trails (such as Pedra da Gávea and Beautiful stone) . There is so much to see in Rio and in so many different places that it is an injustice that only the favorites are known and visited with more constancy.

For this and other reasons I just put together what I consider the best list of trails in Rio de Janeiro, arriving at a summary of more or less 8 excellent options for trails by region of Rio de Janeiro. I built it based on one or another list of tracks that I know, on some cool sites and from my experience of having lived here (RJ) my whole life and enjoying making trails for some time. So there you go, I hope you like it and put it on your list of next tracks to do:

Tijuca National Park: Tijuca Forest

  • Parrot's Beak
  • Taunay Waterfall Path
  • Way of Souls
  • Excelsior Ruins Path
  • Archer's Stone
  • Pedra do Conde
  • Pico da Cocanha
  • Tijuca Peak
  • Tijuca Mirim

Tijuca National Park: Corcovado, Pedra da Gávea and Bonita

Pedra Branca State Park

  • Açude do Camorim
  • Pedra Branca Peak
  • Black stone
  • Quilombos Stone
  • Pedra da Luz Path

Mendanha Ecological Park

  • Serra do Mendanha Waterfall
  • Morro do Capim Melado
  • Swallow's Peak
  • Gericinó Peak
  • Pico do Guandú
  • Pico do Marapicu
  • Serra do Vulcão

South Zone

  • Morro 2 Irmãos
  • Morro dos Cabritos
  • Morro São João
  • Morro da Urca
  • Morro do Leme
  • Hill of Babylon
  • Morro Chapéu Mangueira
  • Sacopã
  • Sugar Loaf
  • Costão 2 Irmãos

West Zone and Guaratiba Reserve

  • Virgin, Native or Wild Beaches of Guaratiba
  • Buzios Beach
  • Hell Beach
  • Funda Beach
  • Praia do Meio
  • Perigoso Beach
  • Secreto Beach
  • Viewpoint of Caeté
  • Telegraph Stone
  • Bosque da Barra

I know that the number of tracks that exist in RJ is much, but much greater than what I listed and maybe I might have been a little unfair. So if you think I forgot some trail, waterfall or hidden beach that you really wanted to see around here, just tell me (in the comments) that it will be a pleasure to add and make the list more complete.

My sources of inspiration

I came up with these names inspired by some sites that I recommend as a reference source for those who like to know more about trails. To be honest, there are not so many that have really cool content, so I will list here the 2 that I have visited the most:

Always remember to find out the degree of difficulty and what you need to do the trails you choose!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the diversity of Rio's landscape enhance the hiking experience across different trails?
Rio's diverse landscape, from coastal views to forested mountains, offers a unique hiking experience on each trail. This diversity caters to a wide range of preferences, whether hikers seek panoramic city views, secluded nature escapes, or challenging mountain climbs.

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