Best surf spots in Florianópolis

What are the best surf spots in Florianópolis?

Florianópolis has some of the best surf‌ spots in Brazil. The best time to surf on the island is in winter when the biggest swells usually appear, but the geography of the island ends up making surfing possible almost 365 days a year. Along with the beautiful people who live or frequent the island, this makes Floripa one of the favorite destinations for Brazilian and foreign surfers.

What is a swell in the language of surfing

In this post I separated the island into 3 regions - North, East and South - and I will go through each one of them presenting the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis, the main characteristics of each one and the conditions for these spots to be classic.

After reading this post, just go to a wave forecasting website and choose your peak.

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Surfing in the North Region of Florianópolis

Of the entire island of Floripa, the northern region is the least suitable place for surfing, due to the low frequency of good waves. The beaches there are more famous for their beautiful borders and for their frequency, such as the beach of Jurerê Internacional. For us, humble surfers, 3 beaches stand out: Brava, Ingleses and Santinho. However, with a lot of patience and luck, other peaks may work.

1. Surf at Praia da Lagoinha or Lambe Lambe

The lick-lick, or lagoon beach, as its name says, most of the year it looks like a lagoon. But when an east swell enters, with a light wind or a south or southwest wind, the peak can present epic conditions forming long rights as seen in the photo.

On epic days, the right connects from the point-break with a long wall until it breaks in the middle of the beach, forming a very long wave that can be up to 2 meters. On these days, for sure the lick-lick can be considered one of the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis.

As it is a point-break very close to rocks, we do not recommend it for beginner surfers. It is a popular destination, especially in the summer, so despite the certainty of fun, get ready for the crowd and respect the locals.

2. Surf at Praia Brava

Praia brava is one of the most popular and sought after surf spots in Floripa. Although it has a much shorter and stronger wave, it works with a much higher frequency than the lagoon. Access can be done directly by car or bus. Be prepared for the crowd and train your Spanish to communicate with Argentines, especially in the summer.

The waves can reach 2.5 meters and break to the right and to the left. It is a beach break with a sandy bottom‌ that works with several swells and winds, but what makes it one of the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis are the east swell and the west wind.

3. Surf at Praia dos Ingleses

The format of Praia dos Ingleses is similar to that of a bay, which makes the peak a little below the neighbors Praia Brava and Praia do Santinho in terms of frequency. Still, it is one of the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis.

It is a very good peak for surfers of all experiences and has waves that can reach up to 2 meters. It works well with north, east and northeast swells and opposite south, west and southwest winds. The bottom is all sand and is a fast and powerful wave that breaks to the right and to the left.

4. Surf at Praia do Santinho

Santinho beach is considered by many to be one of the best places to surf in the north of the island of Florianópolis. It is a beach break with a sandy bottom, easily accessible by car with a quick walk and has a strong fast wave with good tube possibilities. The size varies between 1 and 2 meters and is a very frequent peak throughout the year.

The waves work with swells mainly from the southeast, east and northeast and winds from the west and northwest and break to the right and left. In rare conditions (northeast wind and southeast swell), it produces a very famous tubular left. As it is one of the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis, respect the locals and be ready for the crowd.

Surfing in the Eastern Region of Florianópolis

In the east of Floripa things are getting more interesting for surfing. There is the longest beach on the island, Mozambique, which is fully surfable, and Joaquina beach, considered by many to be one of the best peaks in Brazil in its best conditions.

In addition to having some of the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis because of the perfect tubular waves, this region is also far from civilization and has some ecological reserves, providing surfers with a beautiful experience of contact with nature.

1. Surf at Praia do Mozambique

The beach of mozambique has the longest stretch of sand among the floripa beaches, it is 12.5 km. There are 12 access points to the beach and the best is the northernmost point that takes the left corner, also known as the tip of the spiders, where it forms a powerful left with a very continuous wall.

The climate of contact with nature is also very interesting, as much of this beach is within the Rio Vermelho Forest Park. As the beach is extensive and has good surfing conditions throughout, the crowd is not concentrated in the same place, so it is one of the best spots in Florianópolis for those who want to surf in peace.

The perfect, tubular waves break right and left along the beach and work well with almost any swell, mainly south, east and southeast and mainly northwest and west land winds. The waves can reach 3 meters in the days of greater hangover of this beach break with a sandy bottom. The only problem with this peak is the lack of entrance channels to the outside, so be willing to paddle.

2. Surfing at Barra da Lagoa Beach

The lagoon bar is the right corner of the beach in mozambique. The waves are generally not large - around 0.5 to 1 meter - and are very suitable for beginners. The best swell‌ for this wave is the east one, because it makes it open a right to the middle of the beach. The south wind is good, as it is protected by the rocks, as well as the west and southwest winds that are terrific.

The region is the largest fishing community in the city and has a number of good restaurants around. It is highly recommended that surf session in the morning, enjoying the look of nature amending with a lunch later. And, for those who have gas, more surf in the afternoon!

3. Surf at Praia da Galheta

Galheta beach is one of the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis, because in addition to having a very good wave, it is never crowded, as it is in a reserve far from civilization. To get there, you must take a 20-minute walk from the soft beach. It is a curious place, as it has a very strong presence from the naturist movement, so there are many naked people.

Three different peaks work on this beach: on the right side of the beach, with rights on the south, southeast and east swells and north and northeast winds; the middle of the beach, more crowded with rights and lefts similar to the waves of the soft beach; and the left corner, more to the north, with long, more tubular lefts that work with east swell and northeast wind. The bottom is sandy and the wave can reach 2.5 meters.

4. Surf at Praia Mole

Like the other peaks in the east of Floripa, the soft beach is a very frequent surf spot. It is one of the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis and also one of the most famous for its tubular waves that open to the right and to the left. Works best with south and east swells and north wind.

It is a beach break with a sandy bottom‌ that forms waves that can reach up to 3 meters in the biggest surf. The beach is very frequented by sportspeople, as it has footvolley courts, mini-ramps and many people practice paddleball on the sand. It is also very common to observe paragliding jumps in the surroundings. Don't worry about the structure, as the place is used to receiving tourists.

5. Surf at Joaquina Beach

Joaquina beach is certainly the most famous surfing peak in Florianópolis, including being the seat of important championships such as WCT and WQS since the 70s. a mind-boggling landscape. In the surrounding dunes it is possible to practice sandboarding.

World Championship Tour

It is a beach break with a sandy bottom‌ that favors the lefts that come from the rock to the middle of the beach, very strong and tubular. Works best with south and east swells and northwest wind. It is one of the most consistent peaks on the island, with waves of up to 3 meters on surf days. Like all beach-breaks, it is not easy to enter on the big days, so go willing to paddle. Respect the localism present.

Surfing in the South Region of Florianópolis

The south of the island of Florianópolis also concentrates some interesting and quite constant peaks. The peaks that work most frequently are: Morro das Pedras, Matadeiro, Lagoinha do Leste and Naufragados. However, when a southern swell enters, Campeche's right turns this beach into one of the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis.

1. Surf at Praia do Campeche

Campeche is not a peak that works frequently, but when a big south swell enters… you can run there that you will surf the best tubular rights of your life that, in addition to being strong and fast, will have very long walls of up to 2, 5 meters high, allowing a series of maneuvers. The perfect wind to operate is the northwestern terrain.

The 6 Main Surfing Maneuvers

Locals call campeche C-Bay or Campeche’s Bay in reference to Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa. When the peak works, all Santa Catarina surfers will be there, so arrive early and respect the locals, as there are waves for everyone. On perfect days, you get more than a minute on the same wave.

2. Surf at Praia do Morro das Pedras and Praia da Armação

The beaches of Morro das Pedras and Armação are continuities of Campeche Beach. The frame is a beach break with a sandy bottom‌ that works only occasionally. Suitable for all surfers, as the waves are no more than 1 meter. Works best with northeast swell and southwest wind.

The hill of stones is a sand bank with a point-break face, because the waves start to break in front of stones, not so close to the beach, as shown in the photo above, therefore, it is not recommended for beginners. The waves up to 2.5 meters break to the right, mainly and the best conditions are swells from the east and south and winds from the northwest. Sometimes the waves close a lot when they get close to the sand, so be careful. There is a certain localism on the beach as well.

3. Surf at Matadeiro beach

Matadeiro beach is separated from Armacao beach by a river. To access it, you must use the bridge of the church of the armação or cross with water until the knee even in the days of low tide. Surfing conditions are worth the effort.

The peak itself is very frequent and breaks one of the best lefts in the left corner, but if you don't want to have problems with places, surf near the right corner. This beach has one of the strongest localisms on the island. Works well with southeast and east swells on the right and northwest and north on the left. The southwest winds enter terrains, so they are the most suitable. The waves can reach 2.5 meters. Nevertheless, it is one of the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis.

4. Surf at Lagoinha do Leste Beach

Lagoinha do Leste beach is a hidden paradise on the island of Florianópolis. It is only possible to get there through trails or the beach of the slaughterhouse or the beach swamp of the south. The reward, when the peak works, is to surf practically alone seeing a mind-boggling look. It is a very frequent beach break that works best with swells from the south and east and northwest wind. The waves are strong and short and can reach 2.5 meters breaking to the left and to the right.

 trails or matadeiro beach or pântano do sul beach

Choose your trail well, since coming from the southern swamp, you will walk 4 km passing through hills and, through the bush, the trail has about 2 hours and also goes up steep climbs.

5. Surfing at Praia dos Naufragados

The wrecks beach is at the south end of the island and is a place of difficult access, as it is surrounded by the woods of the Tabuleiro State Park. To gain access to it, just by renting a boat or doing a 50-minute trail. There are no accommodation options on site, only wild camping. The reward is one of the best surf‌ spots in Florianópolis.

The peak works best with south and southeast swell and northwest wind. It is a beach break that breaks to the right with long waves and a lot of quality. Not recommended for beginners. Do not go to shipwrecks without being sure that you are in physical shape. You will walk almost 1 hour to catch the heaviest wave on the island. If you have, take two boards so you don't go back to the sad house early and if you go camping, bring your trash back.

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