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Hollywood is in California, a state that has important stages of world surfing. But it's funny that Hollywood has rarely been willing to face the waves and make good surf movies. I am not sure why, but I imagine that, even with special effects, it must be difficult to make perfect surf scenes with professional actors. Although the last one I saw (Aguas rasas), it was already very well done.

 world surf stages

But even if only a few, there are some good surf films that are worth watching. That's why we prepared a list of 9 films (each with a brief synopsis and trailer), which ranges from surf classics to moments when directors decided to try harder and make some super-productions related to our beloved sport. In the end I still put the isolated surf scene where I think Hollywood really outdid itself. A refinement of detail and perfection! haha ha!

Let's go to them! Aloha!

1. Chasing Mavericks (All for a dream)

This is a surf film that tells the real story of surfer Jay Moriarty. At age 8, he was saved from drowning by a neighbor who becomes his mentor in the sport and prepares him to take on one of Northern California's biggest waves, Mavericks. In this region, the winter tides cause a frightening sequence of giant waves. To this end, Moriarity (Johnny Weston) trains for more than a year under the tutelage of Frosty Hesson (Gerard Butler), creating a relationship that transforms the lives of both. (year 2012)


2. Point-break (Thrill seekers - Beyond the Limit)

An adrenaline-fueled action movie where a young FBI agent, Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) infiltrates a skilled team of adventurous athletes. Athletes are the prime suspects in a wave of extremely unusual crimes. Undercover, and with life in imminent danger, Utah strives to prove that they are the architects of this inconceivable crime sequence. The film is full of extreme sports maneuvers never seen in cinema. The action and adventure scenes are performed by elite athletes, who represent the best in the world in the categories of giant wave surfing, wingsuit, snowboarding, free rock climbing and high speed motorcycling.

giant wave surfing

3. The endeless summer 1 and 2 (Summer joys)

Surfing in its purest essence. More of a documentary than a surfing film, The Endles Summer is the greatest surfing adventure: crossing the planet in search of the perfect wave. From the unexplored waters of West Africa, to the shark-filled seas of Australia, passing through tropical paradise Tahiti, among other even more distant places, these Californian surfers manage to accomplish in a month, which many do not do in a lifetime ... Recorded in 1966 , the film is considered so powerful that it becomes a timeless masterpiece that continues to capture the imagination of each new generation, despite its mature age.

4. Surf Adventures 1 and 2

Also practically a documentary, Surf Adventures 1 accompanies the Brazilian surfing elite, including current idols, veterans and newcomers to the sport, surfing on some of the best waves on the planet, located in Hawaii, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa Southern California. On all trips, the surfers themselves tell their experiences, also talking about the places visited. In the second, the biggest names of the Brazilian surf are gathered to face the waves of Peru, Mexico, Australia, Tahiti, Chile and also of Brazil, in the pororoca of the Araguari river, in Amapá, and the main points of the Rio-São Paulo coast.

5. Surfer, dude (Surfer profession)

This is a comedy where Addington (Matthew McConaughey) is a talented surfer who practices the sport for pure pleasure. After a season of traveling the world looking for the wildest waves, he returns to Malibu to enjoy the summer, friends and waves of his hometown. Only then does he discover that his money is running out and the only way to recover financially would be to participate in a reality show and sell himself to the video game industry. But Addington will face a heavyweight flat and will need a lot of help, after all the guy never went through such a drought.

a flat

6. Soul surfer (Courage to live)

This surf film tells the true story of overcoming Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb), who was born practically on the beach and is a young and award-winning surfer. When attacked by a shark at the age of 13, she loses her left arm. But she has the support of her parents (Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt), her best friend Sarah (Carrie Underwood) and fans to overcome her serious injury, fall back into the water and relearn how  to surf   with one arm.

7.North Shore (Surfing in Hawaii)

Rick Kane (Matt Adler) is a surfer who learns  to surf   in artificial wave tanks in the interior of Arizona and who decides to go to Hawaii to catch the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. He does not know any local customs and still falls in love with a native, who is the cousin of a character from the evil gang. But his luck is to meet Chandler (Gregory Harrison), a veteran surfer who became his teacher, teaching him how  to surf   for real. The film features entries from professional surfers and champions like Shaun Tompson and Derek Ho.

8. The shallows

Shallow water is a suspense / terror (which could easily be more of a Shark sequence) that tells the story of Nancy (Blake Lively). A young doctor who goes surfing alone on a secluded secluded beach, where she ends up being attacked by a huge white shark. Desperate and hurt, she manages to temporarily protect herself on a coral reef, but she soon needs to find a way out of the water and save herself.

9. Blue Crush (The wave of dreams)

Anne Marie's (Kate Bosworth) life is basically about surfing and preparing for the Pipe Master competition. Despite everyone's disapproval, the girl moved to Hawaii and shares a room with three other girls, including her younger sister, the disgusted Penny (Mika Boorem). Every day before dawn, Anne Marie goes out to face the sea and conquer the waves. Her life seems quite happy until the arrival of handsome Matt (Matthew Davis), who seems to take all the concentration she needs for the tournament.

To close, the most realistic, detailed and perfect surf scene in the cinema. Nothing more mythological than Batman surfing. Delight yourself! ????

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best surfing movie horror?
If you're looking for a surf horror movie, take a look at The Shallows. With actress Blake Lively, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the endless ocean, deserted beach, perfect weather for surfers and giant sharks.
How do these surf movies capture the essence of surfing culture, and what impact have they had on popularizing the sport?
These surf movies capture the essence of surfing culture through stunning visuals of surfing, storytelling that reflects the surfer's lifestyle, and exploration of surfing's deeper connection with nature. They've popularized the sport by inspiring viewers with the thrill of surfing and showcasing the sport's global appeal.

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