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I know this post is a little off topic, but like me, I'm sure a lot of people who enjoy skateboarding, surfing and hiking also like culture. That is why I decided to write about the Carioca Museum Passport, a very cool initiative that was launched recently (14/04/2015) in celebration of the 450th anniversary of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Basically, the passport of Rio museums entitles you to enter 43 museums and cultural centers in the State of RJ free of charge on specific days defined in the passport itself (rest assured that I will put the complete list of museums at the end of the post).


  • The passport of museums  in Rio de Janeiro   is valid until the end of 2015
  • In the passport you can find the list of participating museums and cultural centers

Be careful, because the gratuity is only valid for specific days of the week

  • It only guarantees one gratuity per museum or cultural center (you get a stamp to keep track)
  • Some museums on the list were already free or had free of charge for the same day of the week that the passport gives

How to get your Passport from the Cariocas Museums

One very nice thing about the passport of museums in Rio is that you don't have to be a Carioca or necessarily live in Rio de Janeiro. So it is available to anyone who enjoys culture and wants to know a little more about museums and cultural centers in Rio de Janeiro.

The passport of museums in Rio can be purchased at 6 specific points. Don't forget to check the opening hours of each one of them:

Important detail is that you cannot remove the passport for other people, it is individual and identified on the first page with your name, ID and website (if you have one). Look:

Check the list of participating museums:

We made the list in alphabetical order of the 43 museums and cultural centers that are participants in the Passport of the Cariocas Museums:

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does the Cariocas Museum Passport offer, and which museums are must-visits in Rio de Janeiro?
The Cariocas Museum Passport provides access to multiple museums in Rio, often at discounted rates or with special offers. Must-visit museums include the Museum of Tomorrow and the National Museum of Fine Arts, each offering unique cultural and historical insights.

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