The equipment you need to practice Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is one of the most exciting aquatic extreme sports you can practice. More and more people are getting interest in this type of sports, and it looks like you're also on the list.
The equipment you need to practice Wakeboarding

Introduction to wakeboard sport

Wakeboarding is one of the most exciting aquatic extreme sports you can practice. More and more people are getting interest in this type of sports, and it looks like you're also on the list.

Advanced wakeboarders are capable of performing incredible and beautiful stunts, but they aren't exempt of accidents. That's why it is so important to have the correct preparation and equipment.

Of course, to know the how, where and when to practice Wakeboarding is also important, but let's focus first on the basic wakeboard equipment you need for practice and to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The Wakeboard itself

A wakeboard is a specially shaped board that resembles a snowboard. It is designed for wakeboarding, a modern extreme sport that combines elements of water skiing and acrobatics with jumps. When practicing wakeboarding, the athlete holds on to the halyard, due to which the movement along the water surface behind the boat takes place. The wakeboard is slightly curved at the base, allowing you to pick up speed.

For successful wakeboarding, you need to choose the right wakeboard size.

You need to consider the following factors to choose the correct board for you:

1. Wakeboard Size chart

The bigger the board, the more control and stability you'll have. The smaller the board, the more maneuverability for acrobatics.

You must also consider your weight and height because it affects the board's size: the bigger you're, the bigger the board dimensions should be.

How to Choose a Wakeboard & Wakeboard Size Chart | evo

2. The wakeboard's rocker

It refers to the bending of the board from head to tail. Boards with a continuous rocker will move faster, while boards with several stages will go slower or help you in performing tricks.

Wakeboard Rocker Profiles Explained | Marine Products | Utah

3. Bottom board design

A board can have a concave, channeled or null bottom design. This feature determines the board's performance regarding stability and speed.

You must also consider if the board has fins, which are small components attached below the board and directly influence how well it moves forward while traveling.

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Boots and bindings

The boots can be open, what can adapt to different foot sizes or closed, what can bring more stability to the rider's feet.

Bindings are small devices that impedes that the rider's feet get disconnected from the board, what is necessary if you want to perform stunts.

The line

It's what connects you to the boat. The length of the line depends on the rider's experience and the speed he/she will travel: beginners usually go at max 20km/h, while veterans can exceed 35km/h.

The length of the rope can vary from 65 to 85 feet (20 to 25 meters), depending on the rider's level. It's also very important to check the quality of the rope.

Here we can also include the Handle. It must be made of a durable material to avoid that it breaks due to saline water.

Best Wakeboard Ropes and Handles for 2020-2021

The life vest

A life vest is an essential part of the wakeboard equipment that will keep you floating on water if you fall from your board. It must adjust well to your body and feel comfortable. There are different models and color to fit your tastes, and  adults life vest   are different from  kids life vest   so make sure to get the right one.

We'll also include the  wet suit   here, thought it isn't a mandatory element. It helps in keeping the rider's temperature when practicing in cold waters.

The helmet

A good helmet should bring head protection against different types of danger, not only hits. It can also be an insulator for cold, humidity and sun rays.

It usually offers ear protections too, and bright colors help in locating the rider in case of falling.

Final advice

Wakeboarding can be a secure and exciting sport if you have the proper training, preparation and equipment, so don't skimp on resources to protect yourself.

Be safe, your health comes first!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key pieces of equipment required for wakeboarding, and how does each contribute to the experience and safety of the sport?
Key wakeboarding equipment includes a wakeboard, bindings, a wakeboarding rope, a life jacket, and a helmet. Each piece contributes to the experience by enhancing performance, such as board control and stability, and ensuring safety through protection and flotation.

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