White water rafting equipment: the complete list to get you ready

What do you need to go white water rafting?

Before learning any sport, it’s very useful to know about equipment, because when others give you advice, you need to know what they are talking about. The white water rafting equipment is as follows:


In addition to the life-jacket, everything in rafting... has the role of protecting from any over and under water incident.

The water helmet‌ is lined with waterproof and soft filling, so its use and wearing is comfortable in any situation. It also has protections for the ears. Getting used to it doesn't take much time.

Get your safety raft helmet


From the security point of view, the basis of everything when doing white water rafting is wearing a rescue vest‌ that will keep you afloat if you ever fall in the water!

Its use is obligatory for the whole duration of the white water rafting activity. It keeps you afloat if an accident in water happens.

It has floating and water-absorbing foam inside, so with its thrust force it is guaranteed to eject you to the surface of the water and maintain you above it if you fall out of the rafting boat‌ during the activity.

It has adjustable buckles and regulators with straps to tighten its use is fairly easy and also provide adequate size very quickly.

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A waterproof anorak jacket‌ is purpose-built for rafting and water rafting as it is water resistant. Required item and component of white water rafting equipment for use in bad weather, rain and similar meteorological conditions.

Highly functional and with built-in non-porous latex seals fitted around the neck, on the arms and belt, it is guaranteed to keep you dry under the rain - but even an anorak jacket‌ can't keep you dry if you fall in the water!

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White water rafting equipment: the complete list to get you ready : Woman wearing a long neoprene wetsuit
Woman wearing a long neoprene wetsuit  

It's a high quality long neoprene wetsuit‌ that protects from moisture as well as cold during rafting.

This long suit model is an excellent part of the white water rafting equipment especially when there are bad weather conditions.

Make sure to choose different models, as the men wetsuit‌ and female wetsuit are different in shape.

Neoprene wetsuit for men
Neoprene wetsuit for women


White water rafting equipment: the complete list to get you ready : Woman wearing a Long John wetsuit
Woman wearing a Long John wetsuit  

It's a very popular model of neoprene rafting suit. Model used throughout the raft season. Maximum functional clothing, you feel comfortable and uninhibited, and in combination with anorak jacket‌ as the upper part makes it ideal for rafting kit. Also made from high quality 5 mm thick neoprene material that keeps you warm. Built-in zippers on the back of the pants and on the ends of the trousers make it fairly easy to use with the appropriate size provided.


Model neoprene suits that are rarely used or used only in exceptionally hot sunny days during the summer rafting season. It's made of neoprene and the thickness is 2 or 3 mm.

As for the long neoprene suits, the women shorty wetsuit‌ and men shorty wetsuit models are a little different and should be considered.

Get a woman shorty wetsuit
Get a man shorty wetsuit


Considering the water temperature and that your feet are almost always moist, these neoprene boots‌ an indispensable part of the entire rafting equipment we use.

They are primarily intended to keep you warm, while also allowing you to move as comfortably as possible, and saving your feet from probable injuries, for example while walking on rocks.

They are also made of neoprene material with a thickness of 6 mm in the embodiment of the thermal neoprene lining on the inner side. The zipper fastening system allows you to wear them very easily.

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An important part of the white water rafting equipment! As you actively participate in rafting, and make it move forward or backward with your rowing, in addition to manage the boat and lowering it down the river - all is done with an aluminum oar‌ or also called a rafting paddle‌ - which means the same thing.

Made of aluminum, and very light, with a plastic paddle at the bottom of the anatomical hand grip on the oars.

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A Rubber rafting boat, specially made for wild waters. Made of multi layer rubber with a capacity of 8-10 people depending on the exact boat.

With its 6-8 air chambers, a rafting boat‌ is very stable and guarantees secure rafting.

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