Which accessories should you take on a kayak?

Practicing sport with the kayak is quite affordable since it allows you to navigate without any type of nautical license and the ease of being able to transport some stuff with it.

Going canoe kayaking with accessories

Practicing sport with the kayak is quite affordable since it allows you to navigate without any type of nautical license and the ease of being able to transport some stuff with it.

If you want to start practising sport with the right  canoe kayak ‌  equipment, you must take into account some kayak accessories such as the following:

Life jacket:

A life jacket or  rescue vest ‌  is one of the essential elements that you must have in a kayak, this is because with it you can guarantee safety. The main function of the vest is to keep the person who is wearing it afloat, in this way it will not sink. In addition to what we have just mentioned, the vest has other functions, these are:

  • a) Provide thermal insulation: so that it does not affect either the cold or the heat that water may have in a large part of our body.
  • b) Protect from blows: if you run aground somewhere and hit yourself, it will not affect you as much in the chest and back area.
  • c) It allows you to transport other objects: in case you have to carry it by hand, such as medicine.

It can even become an indispensable element to rescue colleagues who have had problems in the water. Of course, you must take into account the type of sport you are going to do since it is not the same one for whitewater as others to go fishing. Another thing that you should take into account is whether or not it is approved, normally you can know it by the label it has under your back. Of course, you have to always carry it.


A probe is a very useful instrument that allows you to have a concrete idea of ​​the depth you have below and the seabed. It serves to be aware of what is in front or on the surface and what is below.

Especially useful when kaying in unknown or low water levels.


 A GPS ‌  is another of the elements that cannot be missing to go sailing with a  canoe kayak ‌  in any kind of water.

It is in charge of receiving the signal via satellite and at all times, in this way, we will know our exact location. It also allows storing the coordinates that you consider appropriate.


Having an anchor allows you to rest without overtime if you need it, so when you want to resume the march you will only have to upload it.

Floating anchor:

A floating anchor is also known as the drift anchor. It is very easy to transport and being foldable it takes up little space. It is ideal for the kayak to go in a constant and specific direction.

GoPro camera:

You surely will want to document your adventures by taking live action photos and videos of your wanderings on the water in your  canoe kayak ‌  boat over white waters.

There are plenty of  Go Pro ‌  cameras available on the market, official or cheaper  action camera ‌  alternatives, with tons of specific equipement such as floating handles or different kind of gear to stick your  Go Pro ‌  camera to your helmet or your chest.

Should you get kayak accessories?

Therefore, the most important kayak accessories that you can take in your kayak are the life jacket, the GPS, the probe and the anchors, although if you need to carry more things you can also take them, for example using a  dry bag ‌  or a waterproof bag to keep them safe with you.

So it may be necessary to carry waterproof bags along with rod holders, stabilizers, a tied oar, adequate clothing, among other possibilities that will depend on the taste of each one of us and what we want to do or practice at all times.

Finally, do not forget to use your  canoe kayak ‌  with propper  kayak paddles ‌  which are both part of the canoe equipement basics!

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