The World’s Best Place To Go Kayaking According To Kayakers

The biggest advantages of kayaks are their ease of use and their stable behavior in wind and waves. Kayakers use a two-bladed paddle and alternate strokes on either side of the boat. This makes controlling the kayak more intuitive.
The World’s Best Place To Go Kayaking According To Kayakers

Santa Barbara Harbor

The biggest advantages of kayaks are their ease of use and their stable behavior in wind and waves. Kayakers use a two-bladed paddle and alternate strokes on either side of the boat. This makes controlling the kayak more intuitive.

Kayaking will allow you to be in good physical shape without hard effort, without the need to learn complex skills, and without special physical training. The main thing is to choose the right place and you will get the best kayaking in the world.

In my opinion, the world's best place for Kayaking is at the Santa Barbara Harbor. Not only are the Kayak rentals super affordable, but the scenery is absolutely breath-taking. Without a doubt, the warm Mediterranean climate and geography are best appreciated from the ocean.

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The coastline of Santa Barbara boasts an abundance of beautiful wildlife for you to admire. From sea lions and sea stars, to pelicans and herons.

And if you're lucky enough, you might be able to catch a glimpse of adorable dolphins that like to pop out of the water and say hello! Also, since the water at Santa Barbara Harbor is usually quite calm, you won't have to worry about your Kayak tipping over. Having lived in Santa Barbara myself, Kayaking was definitely an activity that my friends and I often enjoyed.

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Big Bear, California

The best place to go kayaking is somewhere local where you could get the hang of it. For me, that's in Big Bear, California. It's beautiful up in the mountains, it has lots of shorelines and inlets where many motorized boats can't go. I love seeing families out there with her kids I'm going kayaking and fishing.

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I highly recommend Big Bear for new kayakers just getting the hang of it.

If it's someone's first time there's plenty of places around you don't have to buy any gear. If you’re traveling from somewhere like Los Angeles their plenty of cabins to rent as well.

Kayaking in Big Bear, California is the perfect way to see some of the gorgeous scenery the area has to offer.

Snake River, Grand Teton National Park

The snake river has sections that are appropriate for novices and it also provides other stretches to challenge intermediate kayakers. It is our favorite place to kayak. Beginners can put in at the Jackson Lake Dam or at Cattleman’s Crossing and explore the Oxbow area.

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The water is calm and flat and offers a way to explore a section of the crowded Grand Teton National Park in quiet and solitude. There are eagle nests in trees by the river. River otters, muskrats, and beavers make themselves at home in the water, and sometimes kayakers may be able to view a moose feeding in the water or along the shore. The water is slow enough that visitors can easily paddle back upstream to their put-in location.

Further downstream, the elevation drops more rapidly and kayakers can paddle through faster water and more technical lines. Between the faster sections of the river, paddlers can take in the scenery and keep an eye out for wildlife in and near the water. If traveling beyond the Oxbow area, kayakers should arrange a pickup at a downstream location from their put-in point because the water is too swift  to paddle   upstream.


I do not know about all kayakers, but I love and prefer  to paddle   my boat through crystal clear waters. To me, this is the greatest way to experience the beauty of nature. Considering this, VANCOUVER ISLAND of BRITISH COLUMBIA, in my opinion, is the best place to go for kayaking.

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It is located off the coast of Canada in the Pacific Ocean and possesses perfect areas for both kayaking and swimming if you know how to. The coast is perfect for the mid-level and expert level kayakers, but if you have the skills, you can navigate here easily. I was here in September which I will recommend everyone to be here as this is the time which can give you the perfect moments.

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Mangrove forests in Key West, Florida

I like white water kayaking as much as the next guy, but when I think of the best place I've ever kayaked, there were no rapids involved. I'm talking about the mangrove forests in Key West, Florida. I visited there last year with my family and we had an experience that none of us will ever forget. The southeast end of the island features a vast network of protected mangroves. Some spots have tunnels just wide enough for your kayak, and when you get way back into that watery forest, there's a sense that you've gone back in time to a prehistoric era. You can see corals, starfish, sea anemones, and other critters, plus a huge variety of birds.

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Shooting rapids is a one-man joy ride that most of us kayakers can't get enough of, but I was able  to paddle   the mangrove forest with my whole family, and that made it a very special experience. The natural beauty of the spot accounts for a lot, but having my gang with me for a day on the water is probably what makes that paddle trip stand out in my memory. I highly recommend a kayaking trip through the mangroves of Key West!

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New Zealand

Kayaking is a fantastic way to explore nature. If you are a beginner, explore kayaking through kayaking videos before starting the real kayaking adventure. The world’s best place for kayaking is fjords of New Zealand.

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I have been there to the southwest of New Zealand. The South part of the Island has some amazing fjords of the world. The beauty of these fjords gave me the best memories. The lush green peaks surround the Milford Sound. In NewZealand, I found the best sea kayaking services by Rosco's Milford Kayak. Rosco’s kayaking team helped in paddling in waters. I must say the good kayaking services made my journey brilliant. The presence of a friendly and knowledgeable guide of Rosco’s team was the best thing that happened during this memorable journey. They were quite aware of all the safety measurements and equipment. I’ll suggest this place to everyone who wants to go on a Kayaking adventure. I NZ $109 for this experience, and I enjoyed it a lot.

I also went to the Tyger river, but it was a disappointing experience. The big problem with the place is the lack of Kayaking services. All you have to do is be a kayak on your own. However, the rapids of whitewater satisfied me somehow as I observed nature at its best.

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