Best place to go surfing – according to various surfers

For those looking to learn to surf, Sri Lanka offers an incredible mix of fun, friendly waves, incredible culture and tropical climate.
Best place to go surfing – according to various surfers

Sri Lanka to learn to surf

For those looking to learn to surf, Sri Lanka offers an incredible mix of fun, friendly waves, incredible culture and tropical climate.

With warm waters and a huge variety of beginner friendly surf breaks Sri Lanka is certainly one of the best places to learn  to surf   in the world - with a huge range of surf camps to choose from catering for all styles and budgets.. When you’re not busy hitting the waves explore the local culture, visit bustling markets, eat incredible curries and of course jump on an elephant safari too!

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For experienced surfers it’s a tough call between the Maldives and the Mentawais for my favourite surf destination!

When it comes to surfing in the Maldives get ready for luxury accommodation, private islands and pumping breaks - some of which are exclusive the resort guests which certainly keeps the crowds down! And for those on more of a budget local island surfing at spots like Thulusdhoo offers all the Maldives beauty at a fraction of the cost!

The Mentawai Islands though are the crown jewel of surfing - with more world class waves than you can ever imagine!

With everything from stand up barrels too long reeling points it’s every surfers dream.

Couple that with more palm trees than you’ve ever laid eyes on in you’ve got the perfect combination for an unforgettable surf trip!

Chris is the award winning blogger behind surf and travel blog Stoked For Travel and has been bouncing around the world in search of waves since 2009.

Surf on the Basque Coast

The Basque Country is composed of a section in northern Spain and southern France that forms one of Europe’s oldest and most culturally rich regions. With over 90 miles of coast, the Basque Country has also become a surf mecca. Destinations such as San Sebastian and Zarautz hold international surf competitions every year and the small town of Mundaka is home to a legendary left-hand wave that is one of the longest in the world.

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But it is not just professional riders that are attracted to the surf scene here. Beginners are also drawn to the Basque Country and in particular to Biarritz and its famous beach, called the Plage de la Côte des Basques. It was on this beach in 1957, that surfing in Europe was born. Since then, its popularity has grown and a number of surf schools have opened shop. The Plage de la Côte des Basques is a great place to learn due to the fact that the waves are long and mellow. In addition, the beach is quite long which means that even on the most crowded of days, beginners will have enough space to practice.

Patricia Palacios combines her profession as a web and software developer with her passion for writing and traveling. She is the co-founder of Eusko Guide, a travel guide dedicated to promoting a very special and for most unknown region of the world, the Basque Country.

Best Surfing - Sanur, Bali

Out of all the places in the world I have surfed, Sanur in Bali is certainly the best. Even though Bali has many fantastic places for surfing, many of them, such as Canggu, can be unsafe due to the large number of inexperienced surfers trying to catch waves. On the other hand, there are places such as Uluwatu which have waves that are too dangerous for anyone other than a professional.

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Then there is Sanur. Sanur has waves for all levels of surf ability and is less crowded than most areas in South Bali. During my two-week stay there, I was able to catch great waves every day. In addition, surfing the reef breaks in Sanur offers incredible views of Bali’s shore. And if you want to take a day off from surfing during your stay, Sanur is also the perfect place in Bali for wake boarding, stand-up paddleboarding, kite surfing, wind surfing, and diving. Whether you’re just surfing for the first time or have been surfing for many years, Sanur offers a beautiful shore with an unparalleled surfing environment.

Nusa Dua in Bali

Personally, the best place I've surfed is Nusa Dua in Bali. It was spectacular and there were no crowds (waves are best in the off season).

I've been here a handful of times and it was amazing each time!

This is really Best Place to Go Surfing. Not only because of adrenaline and landscapes. It is also a great cardio training for the body. It can be said for sure that it develops the muscles of the arms and backs well, and also increases endurance. At the same time, the intensity of this load is very moderate, because you can always sail higher and relax.

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Nusa Dua has various waves fit for different skill levels. The start of the reef has smaller waves that are perfect for more intermediate surfers, and the waves get more intense as you go down the reef.

Bells off the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia

Without a doubt,  the best surf   beach in the world is Bells off the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia. I grew up near Bells and went to college about 10 minus from the Surf Coast, skipping many a class  to surf   Bells, Torquay, or nearby 13th Beach or Barwon Heads, then sleep on the sand and wake up  to surf   in the morning.

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Even on a bad day, like in the middle of summer, the waves were 3-foot and clean. But, in mid July, the depth of winter in Australia, an Antarctic swell would travel north and hit the southern end of Australia in the form of consistent 6-9 foot clean swells up and down the Surf Coast of Victoria, with Bells being the focal point. Best waves I've ever seen, surfed or photographed.

Dave Adamson is an Australia photographer and author, who has traveled the world taking landscape photos, and has worked as a TV sports report in Australia, covering multiple World Surf League events.

Whangamata Surf Beach in New Zealand

One of  the best surf   beaches is Whangamata Surf Beach in New Zealand. It's arguably one of  the best surf   beaches in New Zealand and is great for all experience levels and features left and right breaks too.

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This is my go- to surf   beach as it's only a two-hour drive from Auckland and it's a pristine beach with beach breaking-waves too. There are also plenty of surf schools if you're new to surfing and they hold regular surf competitions too.

Matt is an online entrepreneur and the founder of *MoverFocus* which is an independent consumer resource for anyone moving overseas.

Ivory Coast, West Africa

I've surfed in many countries but nowhere has it been better than my home country of New Zealand. While the waves in neighbouring Australia are almost always crowded to breaking point, many of  the best surf   beaches in New Zealand can be found close to empty, even during summer! Not only that, much of the West Coast is reasonably small swell during summer and great for beginners. A big plus is New Zealand's strong safety regulations - all the main beaches will have lifeguards on duty, and they're fantastically trained. For a beginner I can comfortably say it's the best place in the world to surf, bar none!

One place off the beaten track I've spent some time surfing is the Ivory Coast. West Africa is known for some incredible surf, as much of that coast faces south or west.

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There is a very small surf community, which means often the waves are just for you or shared by one or two enthusiastic locals. And they can shred! I saw some of the best surfers of my life there. Not the most perfect waves, but definitely good enough for some killer rides, and the fresh papayas and grilled fish afterwards more than make up for it.

North Shore Oahu, HI

The worlds BEST place for surfing is North Shore Oahu, HI. Pipeline is a well known professional surf spot in north shore which holds the Volcom House - where all the sponsored pro surfers live, as well as the well known Bonzai Pipeline contest every year with waves well over 15-20ft high. North Shore is great for intermediate and expert surfers. On the opposite side of the island, South Shore in Honolulu is great for beginners. Some surf channels are incredibly local in south shore, like Kaisers where you have to earn your spot on the waves. Where others are more tourist based channels like Pops or Canoes in Waikiki Beach. I’ve been surfing mostly in south shore and it’s undeniably enjoyable. Easy to catch a wave and tons of great surf instructors nearby for beginners. There have even been ethereal moments when I went surfing with turtles and dolphins riding the same wave as me. It’s great to hear locals send you off on a wave with an encouraging “chee-hoo!” and catching a wave feels like you’re in complete flow with the universe.

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The only disappointing experience I’ve had is when I got sucked in the ocean at Waimea Bay during a stormy night when waves were 20+ ft. It was life defying and I ended up losing consciousness with lungs full of water.

The ocean eventually spit my motionless body out onto shore where I was revived by friends and pulled to safety. My lesson? Never turn your back toward the ocean.

My name is Courtney Ferris, an AZ local that moved to HI to work at a surf shop and explore the tropical island of Oahu.

Pipa in the Rio Grande do Norte State, in the northeast of Brazil

To me, Pipa is the world's best place for surfing as I have been there multiple times and have had the best of my time as a tourist. You can find Pipa in the Rio Grande do Norte State, in the northeast of Brazil - 115km away from the Natal International airport.

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My reason for considering it the best place is that it has grown from a small village in the 80s to now the coolest beach in the whole country. It provides the complete package for people seeking adventure and beauty of nature. Although surfing is not too easy, an intermediate level surfer can easily enjoy here. My experience here was one of the best memories of my life as I cherished every moment here. The best time, however, is to go in October and April. So, make sure you go in these moderate months if you want to enjoy every bit of it.

An avid outdoorsman from Austin, TX. Experienced at kayaking, mountain biking, tent and RV camping, fishing, archery, cycling, and survival in the wilderness.

Uluwatu, Bali

Uluwatu, Bali iis surely one of the world's best places for surfing.

Uluwatu is on the southwestern tip of Bali, and is famous throughout the world for sets and sets of pretty-much-perfect barrels for surfing.

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The entire community of the Uluwatu area is surfing-focused, with most locals and expats heading out to one of the beaches early to catch the perfect tide. Some of the best beaches  to surf   at in Uluwatuu are Uluwatu beach itself, Bingin Beach, Dreamland Beach, and Balangan Beach.

These beaches have the best waves during Bali's 'winter' time o rthe windy season, which is from May-September, although temperatures are still very warm (about 30C on average). Surfers from around the world travel to Bali for Uluwatu's perfect waves during this part of the year, and there are also many surf competitions including the Single Fin Classic.

Even for non-surfers, Uluwatu is an amazing place to visit with some of the best beaches in all of Bali, great food, lots of bars, and a laid-back lifestyle. There are plenty of board rental places and surf lessons for begginners who want to try surfing on a smaller day or in the summer months.

Kimmie has been traveling, photographing, and blogging for over 5.5 years in search of the world's best adventures, sunsets, festivals, and unique places.She hopes to inspire otehrs to live their best life and plan their dream trip.

Siargao Island, Philippines Surf Spot

Siargao is an island about a two-hour flight from Manila. If you are an uber-budget traveler, a couple of overnight ferries from Cebu for $25 to $30 dollars can get you to the island as well. Your rewards are crystal blue waters, perfect right-hand barrels, and fewer crowds than popular surf spots like Uluwatu, Bali.

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My favorite break is Daku, an offshore reef about a 15-minute boat ride from the main town, General Luna. The conditions have to be right for the waves to form. Wind coming in from the island causes too much chop. It's best to have local friends to ring you when the time is right. But, when the conditions are on, there is no better spot in the world for a newbie to intermediate surfer like me. The waves are 4-6 feet high, consistent, slow forming, easy to catch, and go on forever.

The Philippines, in general, is a great place to live and play. The cost of living is less than $1500 per month. I'm not talking about roughing it in a grass shack, either. A proper western-style apartment is about $400. Moto with board rack is $40 per week. Massages are $8. Meals are $5. Fresh coconut water is $1. Best of all, the Philippines has easy visas for folks who want to live in the Philippines long term. No visa runs necessary.

Marco writes about Financial Independence and Living Abroad for *Nomadic FIRE*. Retired at 41, he has traveled the last five years to over 40 countries to show the best ways to save, invest, and live in amazing countries for 70% less cost than the US.

Butterfly Beach near Santa Barbara, California

What makes this a great place is the fact that it’s one of the best destinations for beginner surfers because of its location along California’s Central Coast.

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The point breaks here are calm and long enough for surfers to catch all the power and get to the shore! The best chance to catch a good wave is winter.

I addition, this beach located in the heart of the American Rivera offers rich culture and outdoor opportunities, so it’s not just surfing! Hiking, sightseeing and prime dining options are all within minutes’ drive!

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