The Best Place To Go Skateboarding – According To Skateboarders

The Best Place To Go Skateboarding – According To Skateboarders

Skateboarding is a uniquely trendy sport that is well suited for leisure activities in the urban jungle. Immediately, this sport became popular all over the world due to its affordability. Today, skateboarding has a multimillion-dollar army of followers.

Skateboarding can even be safely called a world sport, because it will be included in the Olympic sports program. Therefore, athletes are constantly looking for new and best places to practice skateboarding to improve their skills.

Berlin, Germany has tons of incredible skateparks

The world’s best place for skateboarding is Berlin, Germany. The city has tons of incredible skateparks, but the reigning champion is the Skatehalle Nike SB Shelter. It’s the perfect skatepark for beginners to pro skaters.

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Being  a skateboard   wiz myself, I went to Berlin to check out all the skate spots. The skate park is full of ramps, stairs, ledges, gaps and rails to practice all of your tricks. The best part of skating at Skatehalle Nike SB Shelter is that it was indoors. I didn’t have to worry about snow or rain – just smooth concrete and great terrain. My friends and I stopped at the pro shop to relax and drink a few beers before we hit the ramps again.

If you are looking for an outdoor skatepark in Berlin is the iconic Kulturforum. It’s in a cluster of museums with the best ledges, curbs, handrails, slopes and a killer double set. Skateboarders from around the world head to Berlin to skate at Kulturforum. Berlin has an amazing skate scene and is truly the best place for skateboarding in the world.

I’m Cris Kali and I’ve been skateboarding since I was a kid. I grew up playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and watching my favorite skateboarders on tv. I started skateboarding daily until I mastered the ollie, kickflip and tre flip. I now run SkateboardWiz to help inspire you to skateboard.

San Francisco - mother of all skateboard cities

To me, the world's best place for skateboarding is San Francisco - mother of all skateboard cities. It is the home to Thrasher magazine, Deluxe distribution and more skate folklore per square than any other city in the world.

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Although the rents here are skyrocketing due to the influx of digital revolutionaries, the city's status of bohemian Eldorado is still maintained. Only a higher level of skateboarders can enjoy here as there are tracks which are bigger and speed is required to clear them. Put simply, San Francisco is my top pick for skateboarding due to the history of skating here.

I am an avid outdoorsman from Austin, TX. Experienced at kayaking, mountain biking, tent and RV camping, fishing, archery, cycling, and survival in the wilderness.

Some of the best places: Barcelona - Northridge, CA - Melbourne

Some of the best places for skateboarding around the world are listed below.

The first recommendation would be Barcelona. It is said to be the Mecca of skateboarding. This city has been constantly featuring skateboarding videos as they wonderful spots. One of the most iconic places for skateboarding in Barcelona is Macba. The city is also famous for its glamorous nightlife, relaxing beaches, and skateboarding.

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The second recommendation would be our evergreen Northridge in Northridge, CA. Since their opening on January 30, 1958, they have worked to provide a venue that maintains its relevance with kids, teens, parents, and the community at large.

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Lastly, Melbourne is another fantastic place to go skateboarding. It is considered as the hotbed of skaters in Australia as they have around 15-20 skateboarding parks.

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The birthplace of modern skateboarding, Los Angeles

The best place for skateboarding definitely belongs to the birthplace of modern skateboarding, Los Angeles.

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The city has the most documented spots for skateboarding, and I have to say that Venice Beach Skate Park is the best among them for two reasons:

Interesting LA skateboard park vibe overall

With its variety of street and bowl features, this skatepark's old-fashioned and compact design is the ultimate time capsule for true blue skaters of all skill levels. Since it's built a few steps away from the Venice boardwalk, it has also become a magnet for tourists.

Refreshing coastline views as the skateboarding backdrop

Along with the great coastline views come the frequent soundtrack of guitar riffs and drum circles. It's the best place to catch LA in its most honest form. If you prefer avoiding the crowd, however, it would be better to come here early in the morning.

As far as disappointing skating experiences go, however, Orange Wood Park in California tops my list. While the park has enjoyable parts, the skating area isn't impressive.

The park already has almost anything I need: stairs, bowls, and flat ground. Still, the overall vibe of the place isn't on the same level as Venice Beach Skate Park. What makes it even irritating is that it also becomes a dating area for teenagers, and sometimes, you have to pay to get in.

Overall, however, California has many skateparks for beginners and seasoned riders. The local government has truly preserved the spirit of skateboarding in the state.

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