Chapada dos Veadeiros - Catarata dos Leather

See how to take the tour and get to the waterfall (cataract) of the leathers and enjoy from the power of the first fall to the final (which is more hidden).

After enjoying the first and second days of travel, we arrived on our third and last day at Chapada dos Veadeiros. If you (like me) do not live in Brasília or in cities close to Alto Paraíso de Goiás, you will probably have to catch a plane to get home. So, keep in mind that you have to be ready to hit the road about 4 hours before your flight, so this is another day to wake up early and not waste a lot of time before arriving at Catarata dos Couros.

Chapada dos Veadeiros - Santa Barbara Waterfall

How to get to Catarata dos Couros

Regardless of the city you are staying in, you will have to take the highway back to Brasilia. If you are in Alto Paraíso de Goiás, it will be about 16km to the entrance of the dirt road that takes you to the entrance to the trail of Catarata dos Couros.

Unlike the dirt road to the Santa Bárbara waterfall, which is good, here will be 35km of a not-so-good road, with some holes and, in the rainy season, with a mire that can ruin your ride. If you are with a guide or a local, he will be able to tell you exactly how to take the alternate path that does not go through it, but if you are alone, be careful. When I passed by there I saw 2 cars jammed that only managed to leave after I was already leaving.

waterfall Santa Bárbara

During the way on the dirt road you get a beautiful view of Chapada dos Veadeiros. If you have time, it is worth taking a break to enjoy the scenery.

Leather Falls

Beginning of the Trail

After winning about 50km until you reach the parking lot of Catarata dos Couros, now is the time to walk the 3km trail. To start, you will descend a stone path until you reach the first waterfall.

During the descent you can already enjoy a beautiful view of Rio dos Couros. I believe that this descent is about 750 meters, is not difficult and takes you to the waterfall of the Wall, the first you can see of the 3 waterfalls of the Cataratas dos Couros.

First waterfall - Cachoeira da Muralha

As soon as you arrive, you are still at the top level of the Wall:

But if you keep going down, you will reach the level below the River, which allows a very cool view of the waterfall of the Wall. When I went it was the rainy season, which made her look like that.

The view is wonderful. The only negative point is that it is much more difficult (and dangerous) to dive in the river. In addition to the risk of possible water spills, the current is very strong. This is another reason why I recommend you to go with a guide.

Trail following the Rio dos Couros

Now that you are at the level of the Rio dos Couros there is not much mystery, just follow the trail that borders the river to the next waterfalls. There are no ascents or descents, basically it is an almost straight line that goes side by side with the Rio dos Couros.

Although not extremely well outlined, there is not much to lose and along the trail you will still have good places to sit, relax and enjoy the view and the strength of the river.

Second waterfall - “Almécegas 1000”

At some point, after 1.5km or so, you will reach the end of the trail in a straight line to start descending again. This is the time when you start to see the second waterfall and even a little more of the others ahead.

It is easy to see the next waterfalls of Catarata dos Couros because of the cloud of water droplets that are suspended. From here the trail is not so well delineated, but it is also not impossible to find on the descent. Anyway, yes and no, being with a guide here wouldn't hurt.

If it was already possible to perceive the strength of the river, now it is impossible not to notice. I confess that I had never seen such a great power translated into liters and more liters of water going down every second through the wall of stones (it is true that I never went to Foz do Iguaçu). During the flood season, the potency is so great that they called the second Almécegas 1000 waterfall, referring to the Almécegas waterfalls.

Down here, you will walk a little further and see a part where it is possible to dive in the drier times and with less rain, but that on the day I went it was simply impossible. It will also arrive at the end of the trail

Third waterfall - The end of the line

From the third and last waterfall, you can only continue if you rappel. Without that, you get a space to sit for a while, enjoy the view and take some pictures. After that, just go back.

Rafa's tricks

  • Hire a guide for security

It is no joke, the strength of the water here is something out of the ordinary and a little carelessness can mean a serious risk to your physical integrity. Take a look at Rio dos Couros passing fast and close to me on the trail.

  • Beware of the mire on the dirt road

In addition, knowing the best path along the dirt road can save you from getting bogged down instead of enjoying the Leather Falls. And at the end of the day, hiring a guide costs around R $ 180 a day and you can split up with a few more friends or acquaintances to make it cheaper.

Return to Brasilia

After our tour, there was still time to pass in Alto Paraíso de Goiás, have lunch at Peregrino (restaurant by the kilo of a carioca on the main avenue of the city) calmly and leave for Brasília to catch our flight. As this was the last day, we scheduled the flight for the latest possible time (around 9:30 pm).

Remember that it will probably take you around 2:30 am on the road, so don't abuse it or go out too late to avoid unforeseen circumstances or stress on your return.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Catarata dos Leather distinguish itself from other waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros, and what are the best times to visit?
Catarata dos Leather is notable for its impressive height and powerful water flow. The best times to visit are during the wet season when the waterfall is most robust, though visitors should be cautious of the increased water volume and potential for strong currents.

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