Surf Fit 50. A Program for Aging Surfers

Surf Fit 50 is a program that started out of necessity. Its main purpose is to educate and empower aging surfers to improve their overall health and fitness, to allow them to be able to surf well into their golden years. As an aging surfer, as well as a Physical Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, it became more apparent how time had taken its toll on my own body and my surfing. ...
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Learning to Kitesurf in Europe's Kitesurfing Mecca

We should start out by explaining what kitesurfing is as this alone often causes some confusion! Kitesurfing consists of a board, a lot like a wakeboard, which is attached to your feet. You wear a harness connected to a kite via 20 metre long lines which you control using a kitebar. With the kite in the air, you can use the power of the wind to pull you across the water. If this sounds exhilarating - it is! ...
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